Luke Watson and Georganne Way Are Engaged

This was under embargo until all primary relatives were officially informed of the news. Rather than blabber on, I’ll let this update to Facebook do the talking:

Luke and Georganne Are Engaged

Congratulations to Luke and Georganne and have fun creating a super-human middle distance runner and have a happy life together.

For more deets on this news talk to Luke or Georganne.

TC 1 Mile is Tonight

Late notice, but try to make it to downtown Minneapolis tonight for the TC 1 Mile. It’s a 1 mile running race through downtown. Luke Watson, my bro-in-law, is back in town from coaching at Notre Dame to defend his title.

If you’ve never seen someone run a 4 minute mile before, this may be your chance.

I think the speed is particularly impressive at this race since they’re running through dense city streets rather than on a big track, and they start with slower age class heats before getting to the pro athletes (Luke runs for Adidas).

If you’re downtown, look for me or give me a text/call. Let’s grab a race watching recovery beer.

The Secret Sauce for Stillwater’s Milers

Bruce Brothers had an update on the Stillwater running factory in his Sunday column, generating some more Watson ink:

St. Paul Pioneer Press | 03/04/2007 | Inspiring results from Team USA and local high schools

Scott Christensen, the coach at Stillwater High School, sends along information that the Ponies are one of 19 prep teams that have produced at least two sub-4 minute milers, led by Eugene, Ore., South with four.

Stillwater is closing in on three. Jake Watson, a junior at Notre Dame, recently ran 4:00.71. If he breaks 4:00, Stillwater will become No. 2 on the listings with three, according to Marc Bloom and John Sillivan at the Harrier in New Jersey.

And three additional former Ponies runners have a shot at joining the club, which already includes former Ponies Luke Watson and Sean Graham, according to Christensen: Ben Blankenship at Mississippi State, Andy Tate at Kansas University and Chris Boldts, still a senior at Stillwater.

“It’s pretty cool,” Christensen said.

He said his program’s success feeds on itself.

“The biggest thing is, once you’ve had a kid from down the street or from your school do it,” he said, “it doesn’t seem so hard to do.”

In my opinion, the secret sauce at Stillwater has been the pasta parties thrown by Corrine Watson. It will be interesting to see if Stillwater can keep the mile dominance alive without pasta parties at the Watson household now that all Watson have graduated.

Will Tate step up and join the sub-4:00 crowd?

Luke Watson Can’t Live in Roseville

Those of you who know Luke Watson probably know that he’s a HUGE fan of Chipotle. HUGE. Could Luke live in a city without easy access to his favorite burritos?

Roseville, Minnesota’s Jeff Sauer shares Luke’s love of burritos and has been tracking Chipolte’s lack of a Roseville location for almost two years now. This is clearly an issue he takes personally based on the 2000+ word open letter to Chipotle on his blog:

It has been almost two years since I have last written you. During that time, a lot has changed in my life. I have matured, had minor success in my career, and I have upped my Chipotle intake to 3-4 times a week.

One thing that has not changed in my life is an ongoing travesty that has been overlooked for far too long. I am talking about an injustice for the ages; a lone tarnished mark on an otherwise flawless canopy of a “burrito heaven of a metro area”. I am speaking of the disappointing lack of a Chipotle in the Roseville, Minnesota area. Zip Code 55113.

Luckily for Sauer, Roseville is surrounded by cities with Chipotle’s so he still has relatively easy access to deal with his burrito fix.

Do any restaurants influence your home buying decisions?

Thanks to Tim Nelson at e-democracy for pointing this out.