The Plight of the First Time Home Buyer

They should try Longfellow:

Southwest Journal Online

Both late-twentysomethings work full-time – Parrish is a consultant and Lisa runs an interior design business – and they’re ready to spend around $350,000.

After six weeks of hunting, though, a pattern started to emerge in the homes they viewed.

“The houses we’ve looked at under $300,000, there’s just so much work that would have to be done,” Lisa Aharam said. “It’s frustrating. We’re finding that in Linden Hills, in our price range, you really can’t find anything.”

Are You Linden Hills People?

I just told some coworkers earlier this week that I thought Linden Hills was a pretty cool neighborhood, but after reading Minnesota Monthly’s profile, I’m starting to have second thoughts:

Linden Hills – Minnesota Monthly

Afterward, you can pick up a free sample or a fresh loaf at Great Harvest Bread Co. (4314 Upton Ave. S., 612-929-2899) or arrange to meet your mother/sister/nanny for dinner at Rice Paper (2726 W. 43rd St., 612-926-8650). Those kids in Mayberry never had it this good.

Of course, it does have some walkable venues that do interest me, like Sebastian Joe’s (mentioned in article), Famous Dave’s, a coop, and a hardware store.

It goes to show that even a four square block downtown can be viewed from many perspectives.