KSTP Directionally Impaired

Check out the headline in the story below, then read the first paragraph:

KSTP Shooting in North Minneapolis

Addresses with “North” are not found in South Minneapolis.

Dear KSTP, notice where this block is in relation to downtown Minneapolis:

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This is actually their 2nd revision of the headline. It was originally “S. Minneapolis” but I refreshed the page before grabbing the screenshot.

Update: Now KSTP has removed the location within Minneapolis where the shooting took place from the headline:

KSTP Minneapolis Double Murder

Why remove the directional qualifier? Minneapolis is a pretty large area to use to describe where a double murder took place.

Edison Moudry – Media Rock Star

My favorite 3-year old, Edison Moudry, was in front of the camera again. The last report on Edison on The Deets showed him dancing in the Seattle rain last December.

But now he’s getting coverage on KSTP, Channel 5 in Minneapolis, which is somewhat surprising considering that he was living in Seattle and now lives in Cleveland. Edison was brought on to discuss 529 college savings plans.

Edison Moudry

His grandparents, George and Sharon Moudry, live in Minneapolis, and that where Edison’s dad James is also from. George was the officiant at our wedding.

Be sure to check out the cheese factor on this story. The reporter, Joe Mazan, does a shot where he’s looking into the camera through a reflection in a CTR TV. The flipping through pages in his notebook thing is awesome too. Not so special effects.

Joe Mazan’s bio mentions that he went to the same college as, “Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak.” Maybe Edison’s 529 Plan will let him go there too?