The Jayhawks are Coming

The Jayhawks are Coming, originally uploaded by edkohler.

The Western Regionals of the NCAA basketball tournament is at SJSU. Time to get outta this town.

Lots or Oregon fans are milling around too, but they don’t seem as confident. The Kansas crowd must be believers to travel that far. Or they’re jusy crazy.

Laces Wild: Story on Shoefiti in Lawrence, Kansas got some press in the Lawrence Journal-World today.

Shoefiti Story in Lawrence Journal-World

Laces wild |

That’s the same question Ed Kohler’s been pondering seriously for three years.

After he bought his first home in Minneapolis in 2004, he started noticing that a lot of shoes seemed to be popping up on power lines in his neighborhood.

Long story short, he became fascinated with why this happens. He coined the term “shoefiti,” thinking that the shoes, when left unremoved, resembled graffiti that isn’t painted over.

He even started a Web site,, which tracks shoe/power line news.

Kohler isn’t surprised the shoes show up on Lawrence power lines. The town he’s seen with the most shoefiti is Bloomington, Ind., another college town.

I did the interview by email, and think this is the way to go on future interviews. It’s easier to get quoted accurately and you have more time to think our your responses.