Jeremy’s Big Pimpin’ in Fort Wayne

Jeremy’s riding high in the Ford Expedition on the streets of a foggy Fort Wayne this morning on the way to Day 2 of the Killer App Expo.

His hypermiling skills still need some work.

Photos of Jeremy Elfering

Picture 631, originally uploaded by jeremiah_owyang.

I’ve been receiving numerous requests for more photos of Jeremy Elfering. While not all photos of Jeremy are suitable for public consumption, there are probably more photos of Jeremy online than most people realize.

For example, I went through photos posted on Flickr from the CES show and found Jeremy in a bunch of them. I added his name to the photo’s tags, so they’re now available when searching for his name.

BTW, if you see yourself of someone else you know if any of my photos and want to add them as a tag, just become my Flickr friend. That gives you the power to add additional tags.