iTunes Says, "But that's where we make our money!"

It’s pretty easy to tell where iTunes makes the bulk of its money based on how it responds when you try disabling some of the media preferences.

Hop into your iTunes preferences and start unchecking media sources, you’ll find that some uncheck without a fight while others throw up messages like this:

iTunes Media Preferences

and this:

iTunes Media Preferences

Outside of those two, you can turn off any of the other options without a fight. Wonder why that is? The other ones provide access to free content. No money in Apple’s pocket means it can be hidden without a fuss.

Okay, so maybe it isn’t quite that cut and dry. They do make money on games and ringtones, but I get the feeling that they don’t see this as a big enough business today to force on people.

The one you can’t turn off no matter what is Music. Even if you only use iTunes to download podcasts or watch movies, you have no choice but to be constantly reminded that you’re not using iTunes they way Apple decided you should.

This is how I roll:

iTunes Media Preferences

Podcasts, then radio and music would be how I’d rank my iTunes listening preferences. I’ve also switched to Amazon as my first choice for buying music, so the default version of the iTunes Music store isn’t exactly helpful either.

How Can I Create a Smart Podcast Playlist?

Here is what I’d like to do: Create a Smart Playlist in iTunes that will roll up all of my unplayed podcast downloads into a single playlist I can work my way through while running, biking, or driving.

Since my iPod doesn’t offer a continuous play option for podcast tracks, I’m trying to figure out a way to trick it into behaving in a rational manner.

Here is what logically should work. Create a smart playlist selecting podcasts with a play count of zero:

iTunes Smart Playlist for Podcasts

However, it doesn’t. I end up getting all podcasts – unplayed and played.

Ben suggested I make sure to check the “All Unplayed” option in on the sync interface. Done. No difference. It seems like my Smart Playlist is overriding this setting.

Any suggestions?