Adams Inline Has a New Website

Adams Inline New Website

Adams Inline is a Longfellow, Minneapolis (3112 38th Ave S) based inline skate shop that focuses on the inline racing market. If you live in Minneapolis, you’ve surely seen groups of speedskaters on blading on the local trails. Adam from is the guy who hooks up a lot of those skaters with their gear – including me, who bought a pair of Bont skates from Adam last year for the St Paul Inline Marathon.

The new site is a vast improvement over the previous version, which was a somewhat outdated Yahoo store.

Race skates are definitely different from recreational skates. The wheels are larger, which makes them both faster and smoother rolling over cracks. They also track straighter, making it easier to glide in long strides. And the boots made out of lighter and stiffer materials. In some cases, they can be heated in the over and custom molded. If you like to blade for exercise, based on my experience, you may prefer the feel of doing so on race blades.

Paul Jahn’s Wisconsin Cheese Shop Tour

Welcome to Wisconsin, originally uploaded by localmn.

Paul Jahn went down to Chicago for an inline marathon this weekend.

Based on the photos from his Flickr account, it looks like the highlight of his trip was taking pictures of cheese shops along the way.

It’s not clear whether Paul consumed a bag of cheese curds from every one of these stops before his race.

St Paul Rollerblade Marathon in August

Paul Jahn says he’s doing the St Paul Rollerblade Marathon (technically called the St Paul Inline Marathon, but I’m old skool). He suggested that I should do it too over beers at Maxell’s.

I’m interested, but damn, I need to get out on the blades if this is going to be fun.

And check out the winning times. 23MPH average for 26.2 miles for a 1:08:15? That’s ridiculous.

And the top 12 finishers were within 8.8 seconds of each other? Dude!