Danger: Iceland Cliff

IMG_0721, originally uploaded by m_e_mccarron.

The Other Mike has some great photos from his Iceland trip on his Flickr account. I’m a big fan of warning signs, and this one is particularly awesome. Check out action shot of someone heading for the rocks. You never see stuff like this in the US of A.

Northern Lights

If you’ve never been as far North as Fairbanks, Reykyavik, or Olso, you’ve probably never seen the Northern Lights like this. That far North, they cover the entire night’s sky. It’s damn impressive.

When I lived in Fairbanks, AK, I worked at a hotel for a summer as a waiter and host and was often asked by tourists when the Northern Lights came out. Unfortunately, they’re very unpredictable, but there were very easy to predict in the summer when the sky stays blue 24-7. Silly tourists.