Home Depot Door Dilemas

First it was Ranty’s experience at the Quarry story:

Emco Storm Door – YOU SUCK!!!

The thing was dented inside the box. Later, I think I sneezed, and it dented again… badly.

Now Scott down in IGH:

Have They Learned Anything in the Last 10 Years?

Yesterday, I received a phone call from The Home Depot on Mendota Road in Inver Grove Heights regarding three exterior doors I had ordered. I was told two of the doors were damaged during shipment. One had its lite (window) shattered and the other had its frame damaged beyond repair.

Scott explains in his post that he saw this sort of thing happen all the time back when he worked at Menard’s.

Sounds like packaging expert could make life better for home improvers and people working for home improvement stores who have to break the bad news to customers all too often.

Where to Buy (or NOT buy) a Door in Minneapolis

We’re currently in the market for a new door for our home, but haven’t really started shopping for them yet. But after reading about Ranty’s review of her ongoing challenges with the Home Depot at the Quarry, I think we can check one place off our list of potential sources:

WHERE IS MY #!$@$%*! DOOR?!?!?!?

I informed this person that I was quite upset about the tardiness of my door, that I was originally expecting it in 10 days per Josh, and that it was now even past the 28 day mark. I then asked to speak to a manager. The staff person told me to hold on, and they put the phone down somewhere without placing me on hold. They then proceeded to call to another employee and tell that employee about how I was complaining that my door was supposed to come quicker than it had, and didn’t I know it was a custom door???

After a few moments of listening to their exchange which was less than professional, the person picked up the phone again and asked me for my name and number so that “George” could call me. George has yet to call me, as of July 4. Furthermore, I have since learned that George is not a manager, rather the millwork expediter.

And I still have no door.

I’ve heard there is a great place in NE near, but I can’t remember if it was Siwek or Scherer Brothers off the top of my head. Have you ever shopped doors locally? Any strong opinions on where is worth going or avoiding?

Home Depot in Midway area of St. Paul?

A loyal Deets reader sent over this story about Home Depot’s proposal to build in the Midway area of St. Paul along Pascal at I-94. Home Depot has previously proposed building at Lexington and University but the city asked for too many concessions from HD, so they pulled out of the deal. I think the city made the right call on the previous deal since Lex & University is a relatively high pedestrian area, making a hardware warehouse a poor fit.

This time, the location is along the frontage road to I-94 at Pascal, pictured below (link to Google Map here).

Home Depot Proposed Location

The corner in play is on the North side of St. Anthony Ave (frontage road) and to the West of Pascal St.

This time, however, Home Depot has proposed a transit-oriented design that might win over some of those earlier opponents.

Rather than create a surface parking lot, Home Depot has proposed building a parking ramp and putting scores of parking spaces on the store roof, said Corinne Tilley, a St. Paul zoning official.

The roof parking could help defuse criticism from proponents of the Central Corridor light-rail line proposed nearby.

“If they’re trying to do things that are transit-friendly, then I’m all for it,” said City Council Member Debbie Montgomery, who learned of Home Depot’s site plan Wednesday morning.

That sounds like a smart design change. Put that together with the less pedestrian intensive location along the freeway and things start looking pretty good. Another nice thing is drivers will be able to get on and off the freeway without clogging up traffic (or causing pedestrian conflicts) along University Ave.

The area in question became even more vacant in recent years when Metro Transit removed and demolished their service garage at the corner of St. Anthony and Snelling.

This quote didn’t connect with me at all:

But [Brian] McMahon said a home improvement store doesn’t fit with the sort of transit-oriented development the city has sought for the area. “You’re not going to carry plywood and two-by-fours on a light-rail line or a bus,” he said.

I’ve owned a home for going on three years now, shop at Home Depot on a regular basis (usually the Quarry location because they have hot dogs), and have NEVER carried a piece of plywood or a two-by-four. But I do buy plenty of spray paint, light fixtures, cabinet knobs, house plant, and seeds, which can very easily be carried on a bus or LRT. In fact, Home Depot has a store in Manhattan, where you can be sure nobody is pulling up in SUVs so they can stock up on 2×4’s. Home Depot simply changes their product mix to meet the demands of the local market.

It’s a good fit. Get it done.