Celebrate Hybrid Pride

I’m pretty sure Shukie likes her Honda Insight:

$28.54 to fill up the Insight – good for 550 miles. Suck it, Hummer drivers!

Captain Capitalism breaks down how much we spend on average for gas: 2.4%. That figure is on the rise, but lower than it’s historical average. It hasn’t been that high since the mid-80’s with the exception of the last time a Bush started a war in Iraq.

$2.12 vs. $2.29

$2.12 vs. $2.29, originally uploaded by edkohler.

I got a kick out of watching people pay $2.29 at this Mobil when there is a 76 station across the street with a well lit sign displaying $2.12 per gallon.

No, there is not a bust street, island, or moat separating the two.