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Anther Justification for a Downtown Casino

Earlier this week, a guy from South Dakota escaped from prison, stole a car from a Pizza Hut delivery driver in Sioux Falls, pulled a gas & go in Lakeville, and robbed some banks in Minneapolis. On the 13th, I made this comment via email to a friend about his crime pattern: “He’s covering some […]

Minnesota Lottery Payout Signs Could Use Some Fine Print

I noticed that my local SuperAmerica on East Lake Street has a sign from the Minnesota Lottery boasting about how much money has been won by people buying various gambling products at the store: What it doesn’t say is how much money was lost along the way. Maybe it’s asking too much of the state, […]

How Much Are You Willing to Lose Per Hour to Provide Corporate #wilfare to the NFL?

RT @expressgamesus: @edkohler – thanks for playing e-pulltabs! // I doubt I ever will again. They’re boring and a waste of money. #wilfare — Ed Kohler (@edkohler) October 8, 2012 The state of Minnesota is off to a slow start in their effort to extract tens of millions of dollars from gamblers via e-pulltabs for […]

E-Pulltabs: For Every $1 in Charity the Vikings get $1.80 in Stadium #wilfare

E-pulltabs are up and running. I tried one at O’Gara’s. Our local gambling exploiters, ExpressGames, asked me what I though on Twitter. I told them: RT @expressgamesus: @edkohler – thanks for playing e-pulltabs! // I doubt I ever will again. They’re boring and a waste of money. #wilfare — Ed Kohler (@edkohler) October 8, 2012 […]

Racinos Get a Mention in the NY Times. It’s Not Pretty.

The NY Times’ piece on March 24th about the “DEATH AND DISARRAY AT AMERICA’S RACETRACKS” looks at the injury and death rates of horses and jockeys across the country. The Times analysis found that horses in claiming races have a 22 percent greater chance of breaking down or showing signs of injury than horses in […]

Will Electronic Pulltabs Attract a Younger Crowd or Problem Gamblers for Vikings Stadium #wilfare?

One of the issues raised during the March 14th Senate Local Government and Elections Committee hearing on the Vikings stadium corporate welfare bill came from Sen. Benjamin Kruse (R-Brooklyn Park) who asked questions about what backup funding sources would the state have to rely upon if electronic pulltabs didn’t produce as much revenue as the […]

Sen. David Senjem May Be Worth $4.6 Million to Canterbury Park

How so? Based on the spike in Canterbury Park’s stock price (Ticker: CPHC) in the day following Senjem’s promotion to MN Senate Majority leader, it looks like Senjem is a $4.6 million man. Or, a man with a plan with odds of being fulfilled that have been priced at $4.6 million by the market: Post […]

Who has the Racino Lobby Bought?

In case you’re wondering who the Minnesota Racino lobby has been spending money on in order to increase its chances of exploiting gambling addicts, here are the names with campaign contributions: HOUSE REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGN CMTE OF MINNESOTA – REPUBLICAN – $5900 DEKRUIF, AL – SENATE – REPUBLICAN – $500 HOFFMAN, GRETCHEN – SENATE – REPUBLICAN […]

State Lottery Sponsored Beer Glasses

Here’s something I haven’t seen in Minnesota yet. State sponsorship of beer glasses for bars. Oregon’s bars often have gambling in the form of keno or video poker. Apparently, drinking isn’t enough encouragement on its own, so the Oregon Lottery folks are giving beer glasses to bars. Will we see loons on the side of […]

Harrah’s Hot Hot Super Jackpot Finder

As regular readers of The Deets know, I’m a big fan of Hot Hot Super Jackpot. So earlier today, I decided to hop on The Google and see if anyone else shares my love for this game. First, I found out that “Super Jackpot” is two words after finding only links to my own posts […]

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