The Grind & Brew of Blenders

Grind and Blend

I discovered this device at the MOA’s Sharper Image location the other day. You stick ice in the top and end up with margaritas in the blender. It retails for $299, but can be yours for $200 at the MOA since the Sharper Image is closing down and clearing everything out.

I got a kick out of this review from Amazon:

Exactly true to its claims, the thing actually makes perfect consistency margaritas and any other frozen drinks you can think of. I think I like it more than my wife. It has a “power tool” vibe to it that guys appreciate. Spinning blades and high speed motors. What could possibly go wrong?

Sharper Image is even selling their life-size Superman statue – marked down from $5000 to $3500. Not bad, eh?

Ben’s New Sony Reader

Ben’s New Sony Reader, originally uploaded by edkohler.

Ben, of, picked up a Sony Reader at Fry’s Electronics. Apparently, he didn’t get enough consumer electronics fix after three days at the CES show, thus forcing us to go to Fry’s.

As you can tell, he’s . . . um . . . well . . . the picture describes it best.

USB SD Card Jump Drive

If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for a loved one, here’s something to consider:

Kingston TravelLite SD/MMC Reader - Card reader ( MMC, SD, MultiMediaCardplus ) - flash: SD - 2 GB - Hi-Speed USB

This is a USB jump drive, but it comes with a 2GB SD card, so it’s both an SD card reader and a jump drive. It can be used to transfer files between computers. The SD card could be used in a camera then transfered to a computer using the USB dock. Small and easy to use. I just got one and really like it. It’s a much better solution than carrying around a camera USB cable.