One on One with a Sleep Number Bed

I had my first encounter with a Sleep Number bed last night in Regina, SK at the Hotel Saskatchewan.

I cranked it up to 100 and grabbed this shot:

Sleep Number Bed - Firm

Then hopped on and rode it town to 10:

Sleep Number Bed - Soft

Before doing this, I was under the impression that the bed got softer but didn’t understand that it also turned into a bed-sized bowl.

To better illustrate the point, I took the same photos with Junior Mints:

Sleep Number Bed - Firm

Sleep Number Bed - Soft

After turning the bed into a bathtub, I learned that a loud pump kicks if you hope to make the bed firmer. I say “loud” since I could hear the beds in other rooms going through the same experiments.

What about sleeping on the thing? I eventually settled in at 90. It seems like the bed doesn’t breathe very well since I woke up hot during the night.

Also, I only set one side of the bed but used the entire bed during the night. There is a clear division between the two sides.

Basically, I’m not sold on this thing.

Fake Furniture for Home Staging

I have a hard time believing that this helps sell homes.

For those of you too lazy to click (why do I enable you?), a company is selling furniture shaped cardboard you can use to stage your home with after you’ve moved your own furniture out.

Personally, I think the market for this is people who bought a house with more rooms than they could possibly use who feel strange having empty rooms in their home. Just throw some cardboard furniture in there.