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Subscriber Inflation on FeedBurner by FeedBlitz

As much as I’d like to believe that our RSS feed subscriber stats suddenly jumped from the 3,000 to 8,000 range, it looks like the real cause is an issue with the data FeedBlitz is sending to FeedBurner.

Notice the sudden jump, along with the massive slice of the pie chart going to FeedBlitz:

FeedBlitz Skewing FeedBurner Stats

A support thread on this issue can be found here.

FeedBurner has offered their own email delivery of RSS feeds option for quite a while now. Maybe now is the time to make the switch?

The Canine Campus Podcast Rocks

I first heard about Canine Campus’ podcast while listening to FeedBurner’s podcast on the way to work yesterday. Stace Carter, the producer of Canine Campus’ podcast was discussing how FeedBurner has made it easy for him to publish and track podcast episodes. It sounded like a very interesting show so I gave it a try after work on a run.

Let me tell you: it rocks. I don’t even have a dog and I loved it. I listened to Episode #11, where they discussed how to teach a puppy to avoid biting too hard and why it’s important to expose a puppy to lots and lots of new experiences early in life.

If you use iTunes, here is a link to subscribe to the show, or click here for the feed.

Google AdSense and Barack Obama

It’s not every day that I get a chance to read a post involving both online advertising and politics, so imagine my pleasure in reading this piece from Rick Klau:

Browsing a news article today about Barack Obama’s swing through New Hampshire, I was struck by the AdSense ad block on the right: an ad for Barack’s own site at, an ad for, a site run by my buddy Ben Stanfield designed to encourage the Senator to run for President, and an intriguing third ad placed by Barack’s fellow Senator, Dick Durbin.

Klau offers a great analysis of the intentions of the advertisers targeting Obama related news stories and search terms. Klau’s a politically active guy in Illinois who works for FeedBurner, the company that powers the RSS feeds for The Deets. He throws out his 2008 presidential prediction at the end of the post:

For the record, I think the “draft Obama�? sites will be short-lived. I think he declares by mid-January (I have no inside knowledge of any timeframe, just what I read in the papers). And I think he wins the nomination and the Presidency.

I like his thinking. Do you think he’s right?