Interesting Presidential Candidate Poll Tracking site

Here’s a site that aggregates the poll results for the presidential election (only 16 months away!):

Real Clear Politics

It’s interesting to see Gore polling ahead of Edwards when Gore hasn’t shown an interest in running.

Could we end up with a NY vs. NY battle of Clinton vs. Giuliani?

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Dean Barkley to Take on Bachmann?

Minnesota Campaign Report has an interesting analysis of what a Barkley / Bachman race could look like.

Could an Independent Win in the 6th? Barkley Might Challenge Bachmann

“A number of Democrats have approached me,” said Barkley, who was appointed by to the U.S. Senate in 2002 after the death of Paul Wellstone. “That district is tailor-made for an independent. Jesse Ventura did very well there. A well-financed independent in a two-way race would have a good chance.”

Barkley added that he would not run as a DFLer, but might run as an Independence Party candidate if the DFL decided not to field a candidate. “In a three-way race, I think Michele Bachmann probably wins. I’m not interested in running just to run — I’ve done that three times — but if I thought I had a chance to go back to the ‘evil empire’ and fight the special interests, I would consider that. So I’ll continue to meet with them, and I am thinking about it.”

I can see the lawn signs now: “She’s Crazy. Vote Barkley.”

If the Religious Right Can’t Support Giuliani . . .

. . . who can they support?

AMERICAblog is reporting on a story that says the right-wing religious crowd (theocrats?) won’t throw it’s support behind the Rudy Giuliani if he’s the nominated candidate for the GOP. The guy loves marriage so much he’s done it three times. You’d think that’s something they could support. Oh, divorces? My bad.

So, if they religion-based voters can’t support Rudy, where should they turn? I’m thinking Obama would be a good choice since he’s a man of faith. My only concern is he may not be of the right kind of faith.

Does he use his faith to justify discriminating against gays? Nope.

Does he use his faith to justify wars? Nope.

Does he use his faith to mandate women’s health choices? Nope.

I’d love to see Obama win over people of faith who’ve been led astray by people who’ve abused their belief system.

Perhaps they’re open to hearing a message of tolerance, peace and understanding after seeing what intolerance, war, and xenophobia has done to this country?

Breaking Down Sen. Norm Coleman’s Q1 Fundraising

Minnesota Monitor drops a fact bomb on the Coleman’s campaign talking points:

Coleman Q1 Fundraising: Rhetoric vs. Reality

Rhetoric: “We’re extremely excited that we have so much support from within the state.”

Reality:: In Q1 2007, Coleman raised two and half times as much from southern California as he did from Minneapolis; more from the Phoenix metro area than from St. Paul; more from New York City than from Wayzata, and more from Washington D.C. than from Minnetonka. Donors from Naples, Florida (population: 22,000) also beat out Minnesota’s capital city of St. Paul (population: 287,151).

Better take a look in the mirror before you bash Franken for taking out of state money.

Thoughts on Obama in 2008

Rick Klau makes an interesting case for why Obama is a great candidate:

Thoughts on 2008 : tins ::: Rick Klau’s weblog

The biggest thing he has going for him is that there are so many people from across the spectrum who see him as a candidate they could support. It’s not that they support his positions 100% of the time – in some cases, they may not support many of his positions at all – but in him they see a man who’s smart, articulate, curious, and perhaps most importantly, a man whose judgment they will trust.

We live in a country where we were lied into the Iraq war, the length of the war, the costs of the war. We’ve heard denials of problems at Walter Reid, have uncovered politicking within the GSA and politicizing of federal attorney positions. We hear denials of connections to top fundraisers, fake press, and unstable influentials, including Ken Lay, Jack Abramoff, Armstrong Williams, Jeff Gannon, and Ted Haggard.

With that in mind, “a man who’s smart, articulate, curious, and perhaps most importantly, a man whose judgment they will trust,” sounds like a candidate with a good shot at winning.

Oh, and he’s raising a lot of money from a lot of people.

John Edwards Screwed Up

John Edwards hired a couple very smart bloggers to help with his campaign. Smart move.

A right-wing nutjob had a problem with some things they had written. So what?

Edwards fires (aka. they stepped down) the two bloggers. Huh?

Listening to people to the right of George W. Bush is not the secret to winning elections in 2008. Edwards screwed up by not standing up for talented members of his staff under criticism from a documented bigot.