Lake-8 DFL Caucus Results

Lake-8, for those of you not familiar with the term, is a made up name for section of Longfellow between Lake & 38th St E. For more on this check out Jackalope Ranch.

Lake-8 roughly represents the area of SD 12-1, which I believe runs from 36th Ave S to the river, and 36th St E to Lake St E, to more like Lake-6.

Here is what it looked like heading into the caucus in the Sanford Middle School auditorium:

Signing In

Once inside:

Getting Ready

And here are the results:

DFL Caucus Results for 12-1 (Northeast Longfellow Neighborhood)

Statewide, it looks like Obama’s going to end up with something close to 66% of the vote. However, the smarter and more sexy residents of SD 12-1 threw down a whopping 71.4% for Obama.

Can you beat that?

I’ve found two:

SD62 W-9 P-08 (West of Hiawatha for ~12 blocks between 35th & 39th St). 77% Go Tillie’s Bean!
SD62 W-2 P-02 (in Richfield from Portland to 35@, Crosstown to 68th St) 77.6% Go Holy Angels!
Whittier – localhuman at 9:19 PM said his precinct went 84.3% for Obama.

My Barack Obama Endorsement

Four years ago, I worked hard to try to get John Kerry elected president of the United States after seeing the damage done by George W. Bush over his first four years in office.

Unfortunately, through a combination of fear-based politics and irrationally placed patriotism, Bush was able to squeak by Kerry. Clearly, Kerry wasn’t the most charismatic person every to run for president, but at least he understood the costs of war.

Over the past three years and three months since that election, the war in Iraq has cost 2818 more American soldiers their lives, including those of 48 Minnesotans.

Bush / Cheney's 2nd Term in Office

What’s changed:

We now live in fear.

Fear that our children will be poisoned by toys our government allows into our country.

Fear that our pets will die from tainted pet food coming from China.

– Fear that our children will eat meat in their school lunches coming from cows that can’t even stand up before their slaughtered.

Fear that our economy will continue to slide, leading to more layoffs.

– Fear that the prices of gas and food will continue to climb.

Fear that we’ll lose not only our jobs but our health insurance at the same time.

Fear that a child could go on a shooting rampage at our children’s school.

We don’t fear everything

We don’t fear terrorist attacks, plane hijackings, or invasions by foreign forces. Why? Because we’re too busy to live in fear of stuff like that.

Given a limited amount of time and energy to devote toward fear, we’re going with the legitimate options that hit closer to home.

With that in mind, I present to you the one candidate I believe has the ability to focus this country on the issues that truly affect Americans: Barack Obama.

Unlike four years ago, I don’t doubt the intelligence of any of the remaining candidates in the presidential race. But only one candidate is capable of leading this country out of fear by providing both hope and the motivation to make our country better than it is today.

I’m convinced that Barack Obama, when elected, will use the power of the presidency to motivate people to be better than they are today. He’ll do this by addressing the American people directly through TV and Internet videos that explain where we are today, what we’re capable of, why it’s important, and how we’re gong to work together to solve our common problems.

Here’s a taste of what I believe we can expect from Obama once we elect him:

In some cases, Barack Obama may need to raise taxes.

If there is one thing that can be learned from the amazing grass roots success of Ron Paul’s campaign, it’s that people do not like their money being spent without justification. In Paul’s case, he believes that almost everything government does is without justification.

I don’t believe that, and I believe that most Americans believe that government programs generally exist to solve problems that the market failed to solve on its own, such as educating all of our children, making sure our parents don’t live in poverty after retirement, and providing safe food, water, workplaces, and air through regulation.

All Americans want to know where our money is going and whether it’s doing any good. Obama has the ability to level with us about what’s working and what isn’t since he doesn’t have 16 years worth of relationships at stake in DC.

The owner of a local restaurant explained to me on Saturday night that he stood outside with his 8-year-old daughter for 2 hours earlier in the day so she could see the next president of the United States speak. While proudly wearing his Obama sticker from the rally at the Target Center, he explained that he’s most excited about seeing Obama put Americans to work on projects that make our country a better place. Let’s redirect the $2 billion a week we’re spending killing people overseas to domestic projects that put people to work (without getting them killed) and make America more beautiful.

I leave you with this video created by of the Black Eyed Peas. His motivation for this musical rendition of Obama’s New Hampshire conciliatory speech is included below the video:

I was sitting in my recording studio watching the debates…
Torn between the candidates
I was never really big on politics…
and actually I’m still not big on politics…
but 4 years ago, me and the black eyed peas supported Kerry…
And we supported Kerry with all our might…
We performed and performed and performed for the DNC…
doing all we could do to get the youth involved…

The outcome of the last 2 elections has saddened me…
on how unfair, backwards, upside down, unbalanced, untruthful,
corrupt, and just simply, how wrong the world and “politics” are…

So this year i wanted to get involved and do all i could early…

And i found myself torn…
because this time it’s not that simple…
our choices aren’t as clear as the last elections …
last time it was so obvious…
Bush and war vs. no bush and no war…

But this time it’s not that simple…
and there are a lot of people that are torn just like i am…
So for awhile I put it off and i was going to wait until it was decided for me…

And then came New Hampshire…
And i was captivated…

Mike Huckabee’s Support for Bigots’ Rights

Dear Gov. Huckabee,

when you say stuff like

“You don’t like people from outside the state coming in and telling you what to do with your flag,” the former Arkansas governor told a Myrtle Beach crowd on January 17, referring to the Confederate flag. “If somebody came to Arkansas and told us what to do with our flag, we’d tell them what to do with the pole. That’s what we’d do.”

It can only mean one thing: You’re willing to put bigots’ rights ahead of human rights.

Don’t you think America deserves better than that?

Interesting Obama Stat

MNPublius has an interesting stat regarding how Obama and Hillary are polling against republican presidential candidates:

The Case for Obama at

Andrew Sullivan’s points about Obama’s potential bipartisan appeal are especially salient today as Zogby’s recent polling becomes a topic of national conversation. The short story: Zogby’s head-to-heads show Hillary losing to every single Republican candidate for President. How does Obama fare? He wins against every single Republican candidate for President. (Edwards is somewhere in between)

Presidential Race: Dollars Raised

I don’t fully understand the relationship between dollars raised and electoral votes, but here’s how it’s broken down on an awesome site for political junkies called

While Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are both bringing in big bucks, it’s interesting to see how well Obama is doing in some red states, including Oklahoma, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina and Colorado: Stats

According to PoliticalBase’s calculations, here is how the electoral vote scene looks these days: Stats

I don’t know if there is much difference in the states Obama vs Hillary would carry, but it’s certainly surprising to see Obama doing so well in the South.

It looks like Obama has almost out raised Giuliani in Giuliani’s home state. Clinton’s almost doubled Rudy on his home turf.

What’s surprising to me is Romney’s advantage in Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri. Those states tend to be the battleground states, so assuming the typical red states go red and blue states blue, what does that say about 2008?

Dennis Kucinich on the Nomination Process

Kucinich lost me within 6 seconds into this video when he said:

“I think this is going to be an open convention because I don’t think anyone is going to go into it with 50% of the votes.”

Dennis, you’re wrong. There is NO WAY either major political party will ever again have a convention where the presidential candidate for their party hasn’t already been decided. The “nominating” conventions have evolved into marketing conventions where the chosen presidential candidate’s story is told to the American people.

What are you doing in 2012?

If you’re in (or considering joining) the military, you could be spending 2012 in Iraq. And don’t expect the 2008 election to change that.

A Lack of Clarity

Thank you, Tim Russert, for dragging the truth from all the Democratic candidates about what “ending the war” actually means. We hear these words a lot, especially from Hillary Clinton, yet Russert’s questioning at MSNBC’s New Hampshire debate last night revealed that none of the top three Democratic contenders for president would commit to doing so by the end of their first term.


Why Is Healthcare Tied to Jobs in America?

Check out this video of a question from last night’s AFL-CIO Presidential Forum.

I’ve had jobs I didn’t leave because of a health care plan.

I’ve had jobs I could stay at only because of Carly’s health care plan.

Health care tied to jobs creates a disincentive for changing jobs. This creates a drag on the economy.

The guy in the video linked to above stayed with the same company for decades due to the health care they provided, and for the health care they would continue to provide him in retirement. In the end, his loyalty screwed him over.