Irony Misses Edina Cell Phone Using Commuters

Irony = Edina mom conducts interview by phone while driving and comments on daughter’s friend biking wrong way on road while talking on cell phone:

Suburbs shift gears, make room for bikes

“It just scares me to death seeing kids go down Interlachen [Boulevard] on their bikes; it’s so narrow,” she said, talking on her cell phone from her car. “Oh … I just passed one of my daughter’s friends. She’s going the wrong way on the road on her bike, talking on her cell phone. It’s not a real bright thing to do.”

Edina Housewife Poetry

A woman on MNSpeak went on a rant about how strange Minnesotans were earlier today (er, yesterday, and referred to Minnesotans at MNans), and included a rip on Edina housewives where she wondered:

3. Why Edina housewives talk so loudly? (Before you bristle, give this one a chance. they truly scream when they speak.);

Among the 265 and counting responses was an anonymous (but apparently knowledgeable) response stating:

I don’t know about their talking volume, and I don’t mean to generalize… but Edina housewives are, IMHO, the loudest screamers.
»» Submitted by MILF LOVER at 9:05 AM on July 5

This led to the formation of a new thread inspired by MILF LOVER to form a new local drink called The Edina Screamer.

Which led to the creation of this poem: – Nightshift: MnSpeak cocktail

“The Edina”

One shot tequila
One shot rum

pat her on the bum

some grapefruit juice
and seven up

mix it in a plastic cup

with ice
tell her she’s real nice

tell her you like her hair
tell her she’s light as air

get a sitter for the night
and turn off the lights

»» Submitted by sheila at 10:12 PM on July 5

I think the MNSpeak Happy Hour on Monday has brought the community closer together while further isolating Edina housewives.

Blue Plate Restaurants

The Star Tribune has a write-up of Blue Plate Restaurants today. You know, the folks behind the Highland, Longfellow, and Edina Grills, and the Groveland Tap.

Blue Plate finding special niche in Twin Cities restaurant scene

The roster now includes the Highland Grill and Groveland Tap in St. Paul, the Longfellow Grill in Minneapolis and the Edina Grill on France Avenue near W. 50th St. There are plans to open two more stores in the next two years, Burley said.

The combination of higher-scale menus paired with a concept that successfully offers breakfast, lunch and dinner along with bar service makes Blue Plate a rarity in the business, said David Kristal, CEO of the Embers and Joey’s restaurant franchising companies.

I know Fritz is a big fan of Highland. Carly and I are partial to Longfellow. I could see Matt leaning toward the Groveland Tap.

Let’s find out which one tops the list among readers of The Deets.