Dumpster Dog Poop Dumpers Deterred


36th Street East is a popular route for dog owners on their way to West River Road for a run or walk with their dogs. Unfortunately, it appears to be a bit too popular for the home owners who happens to have a dumpster parked out front of their house.

They’re fighting the problem by plastering their dumpster with notes to dog owners:


With both portrait and landscape printing:


I like to think about the home owner sitting at his or her computer pounding out the all-caps note and running one off the printer in portrait mode with slightly unsatisfied results then thinking, “I’ve got it: landscape! That will really get the message across.” They would then go on to think about whether they should just throw away the portrait version and decide to use it anyway while realizing that the landscape version is the one that will most likely deter the neighborhood’s dog poop dumpers.

Big Air Dog Jumping in Minnesota

KSTP has a fun story on “big air” doggy long jumping. You’ve probably stumbled across this on ESPN before. It turns out that McDonald’s is the meal of champions, according to this story.

You can find out how to “bring out the athlete in your mutt” by visiting SportMutt.com.

Personally, I don’t understand why dogs should have all the fun and get all the exercise. I picked up SportSpouse.com just in case someone is interested in moving into the couples market for boat dock long jumping.

Professional Dog Runners

Shek found this one:

nyc dog runners

NYC Dog Runners uses a dog running method recommended by veterianarians and dog trainers. We start your dog off slowly and let their body gradualy adjust to the pace of a long run. All of our runners are well trained, bonded, insured, carry water with them and run the dogs individually!

They charge $30 for 30 minute runs and $40 for 45 minutes. No word on what they pay for a 20-miler, fartlek, track workout, or hilly trails.

$60/hr is a pretty solid wage. That’s something like $120,000/yr for someone running 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. One could almost live in Manhattan near their dog clients on that salary.

Doggy Staircase

Doggy Staircase, originally uploaded by edkohler.

Gotta love the, “No more jumping! Nor more straining!” shout outs.

And throw in some urine b gone spray while you’re at it.

What’s that spell?

R-O-M-A-N-T-I-C bedroom.

Hey, Pisser, You’re Being Watched

Caught in the act., originally uploaded by pinkzilla.

Remind me to make sure pinkzilla isn’t within camera shooting distance the next time I need to pee in a park.

She explains that this dog tried to pee on her bike bag not once, but twice at the Lake of the Isles dog park. That may fly at some of the other dog parks around town, but Lake of the Isles’ dog park is for refined dogs who graduated from finishing school.

River Road Winter Trail Report

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Carly and I went out for a run on West and East Mississippi River Road on Friday, March 2nd, crossing the river at Franklin and back at Lake St.

The trail plowing was much better on the Minneapolis side of the river. The St. Paul side had tons of snow chunks on the trail, and a dog poop bag on the staircase up to the bridge. St. Paul’s roads were cleaner than Minneapolis’, so overall, I’d consider Minneapolis a more livable community this week.