Hey, Pisser, You’re Being Watched

Caught in the act., originally uploaded by pinkzilla.

Remind me to make sure pinkzilla isn’t within camera shooting distance the next time I need to pee in a park.

She explains that this dog tried to pee on her bike bag not once, but twice at the Lake of the Isles dog park. That may fly at some of the other dog parks around town, but Lake of the Isles’ dog park is for refined dogs who graduated from finishing school.

The Canine Campus Podcast Rocks

I first heard about Canine Campus’ podcast while listening to FeedBurner’s podcast on the way to work yesterday. Stace Carter, the producer of Canine Campus’ podcast was discussing how FeedBurner has made it easy for him to publish and track podcast episodes. It sounded like a very interesting show so I gave it a try after work on a run.

Let me tell you: it rocks. I don’t even have a dog and I loved it. I listened to Episode #11, where they discussed how to teach a puppy to avoid biting too hard and why it’s important to expose a puppy to lots and lots of new experiences early in life.

If you use iTunes, here is a link to subscribe to the show, or click here for the feed.