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Dog Poop Dumpster Dropping Dogs The Freets

It turns out that dog poo bombing of dumpsters continues to be a problem for local home improvement types. For example, here is a dumpster positioned conveniently outside The Freets’ house:


Now, take a look inside this freshly dropped off dumpster:

Bag o' poo

The Freets breaks it down:

“Clearly, we did not put a passive-aggressive (or aggressive, or passive) sign on our dumpster. For this, we paid the price: in bags of dog poo.”

This mistake cost him dearly. This was only the first of three dog poo dumpster drops he has to contend with. Next time, he’ll remember to create a sign like this:


A detail oriented type may have noticed something peculiar about the 2nd photo. The Freets explains:

If you look closely, there’s a fly on the bag o’ poo. He’s trespassing and I called the cops on him.

Thanks for bringing flies to the neighborhood, dog poo dumpster droppers.

Hey, Pisser, You’re Being Watched

Caught in the act., originally uploaded by pinkzilla.

Remind me to make sure pinkzilla isn’t within camera shooting distance the next time I need to pee in a park.

She explains that this dog tried to pee on her bike bag not once, but twice at the Lake of the Isles dog park. That may fly at some of the other dog parks around town, but Lake of the Isles’ dog park is for refined dogs who graduated from finishing school.

Dog Poop Bomb Dropping Dog Owner

Dog Poop Dropping Car

I took this shot on the Crosstown heading Westbound this morning just before merging with traffic from 35W South. The station wagon was really putting along (even compared to my Saturn), and while waiting patiently behind it, I noticed a yellow bag on the roof that appeared to be attached to the roof rack. While studying the bag, then the dogs is the back of the wagon, I realized it was a bag full of fresh dog poop.

The driver was probably coming from the dog park near Fort Snelling off Hiawatha.

It was really whipping around, so I thought it was attached to the roof rack. I started to figure that the poop’s owner (or person responsible for the poop) had tied it to the roof rack so he could dispose it of at home (why not at the dog park wasn’t clear).

Well, it turns out it WASN’T attached, or at least not very well. It flew off the roof and landed smack dab in the middle of the road. I wanted to swerve, but there wasn’t anywhere to go, being on the ramp transitioning from 62 to 62/35W.

I hit the poop.

River Road Winter Trail Report

Click to Play

Carly and I went out for a run on West and East Mississippi River Road on Friday, March 2nd, crossing the river at Franklin and back at Lake St.

The trail plowing was much better on the Minneapolis side of the river. The St. Paul side had tons of snow chunks on the trail, and a dog poop bag on the staircase up to the bridge. St. Paul’s roads were cleaner than Minneapolis’, so overall, I’d consider Minneapolis a more livable community this week.