Does Croatia Understand Its Nazi Past?

On the Media has an interesting story covering the popularity of a facist rock star, Marko Perkovic, who may be gaining popularity partly because school children in Croatia are not taught about Croatia’s fascist roll in WWII.

Celebrating a time in your past when you put thousands of Jews, Serbs, and gypsies to death doesn’t seem all that cool. On the other hand, we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States.

More from the IHT here.

Croatia vs. Serbia Ethnic Battles on WikiPedia

Rex turned me onto an entry on Wikipedia that covers the “Lamest Edit Wars” in the history of Wikipedia. You won’t find that in the Encyclopedia Britannica, now, will you?

I noticed that three of the top edit wars revolved around “Ethnic Feuds” involving Croatians and Serbians. How do you describe the heritage and nationality of someone who was born in a country that no longer exists?

Wikipedia:Lamest edit wars

Ivana Miličević
Is she a “Bosnian actress of Croatian descent/ethnicity” or a “Croatian actress”? Should she be called American without sourcing because she’s resided in America for nearly 30 years? Is she “Bosnian” because she was born in Sarajevo or “Bosnian-born” because Bosnia did not exist as a nation when she was born there? Go ahead and edit the article and see how long your version lasts before someone reverts you!

Nikola Tesla
Born of Serbian parents in a part of the Austrian Empire, which a short time later became a part of the Hungarian half of Austria-Hungary and is now in Croatia; so was he Serbian? Croatian? Austrian? Austro-Hungarian? You decide! But don’t forget to leave an edit summary saying how pathetic it is to choose any other version…

Werner Herzog
Born in Germany, supposedly of a German mother and a Yugoslavian father, and raised in Bavaria, Germany. Does that make Herzog Croatian or Serbian? How about the fact that the relatives live in in Bosnia-Herzegovina? Use edit summaries to publish interviews that you conducted — or heard rumors about. Mirrors and forks are great sources too. After consulting a printed source, it turns out that it was the mother who was from Croatia. Ouch.

Heading South, the battles turn to Albania vs. Greece with Foustanella:

Who first donned a frilly skirt and threatened to kill anyone who questioned his manhood over it? Was he Albanian or Greek? If Albanian, Gheg or Tosk? Thankfully, none of the modern day warriors on this topic have access to real weapons (we hope!)

Can’t we all just get along?

Croatia’s Macaca Incident

Croatia’s presidential election has spilled onto YouTube with video slip-ups from candidates influencing the race:

YouTube and Croatia

It appears America isn’t the only country in which YouTube is playing a prominent role on the political stage.

Recent videos have shown slips by leading Croatian politicians. Interior Minister Ivica Kirin of the ruling HDZ party called YouTube “Yubito,” which quickly appeared on T-shirts and had the nation in laughs.

It sounds like Milanovic has stolen a line from Alberto Gonzales:

Zoran Milanovic, leader of the opposing Social Democrat Party, got his share of abuse after answering several questions on a popular talk show with a simple “I have no idea.” Video clips coining him Zoran ‘No Idea” Milanovic appeared on YouTube the next day.

One of our servers in Dubrovnik ripped on “stupid Americans” who say stuff to her like, “Do you have computers?” Well, duh, haven’t you seen the cyber cafes on every block? It turns out Croatians used computers just like we do: to make fun of each other.

Croatia Vacation Slideshow

I know some of you have already checked out our vacation photos, but if you haven’t and are into that sort of thing, here’s your chance.

You can adjust the speed along the top of the show and jump around in the footer. The show moves backwards from the Detroit Airport, Amsterdam for a few days, Dubrovnik, Mjilet, Montenegro, Dubrobnik, Ljubljana, Bled, Ljubljana, Zagreb, or something like that.

Created with Paul’s flickrSLiDR.

By the way, if you’re a friend of mine on Flickr, you can add tags to photos. Aaron and Kenneth help me out with this from time to time and I really like it. If you know a good keyword or two that help describe a photo, try adding them on the right column of the photo’s Flickr page. But first, you need to be my Flickr friend.

George Bush’s Army Burns Churches

Last week, I had a chance to spend a few days in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The city is ancient, and was founded around 11th century. It has a pharmacy that’s 400 years older than the United States, and LOTS of churches older than the US of A. The city has been attacked many times, and has – along with Croatia – fallen under rule by various governments over the past 1000 years.

Ed on Dubrovnik's City Wall

Yet, churches have survived the wars.

A Dubrovnik Church

Luckily for them, they’ve never been invaded by George W. Bush, who allows stuff like this to happen under his watch:

Actually, George W Bush’s army doesn’t just burn churches – it blows them up.

Croatia and Slovenia Update

Um, it is like reallz nice over here, but thez put the z and the y in opposite spots on the kezboard so itćs tough to tzpe. Thez also put the apostrophe somewhere where I canćt find it.

Ićd upload a photo or two, but the generic Windows XP computer at the Dubrovnik Internet Centar doesnćt recogniye mz USB chip. Talk about roughing it, eh_ Oh, and the question mark is moved too! How do people live like this_

Slovenia has some not-so-beautiful communist architecture in places, and some incrediblz beautiful cities at the other extreme. Weird. Zoućll just have to take mz word for it for now.

And zes, I could simplz learn to tzpe yćs instead of zćs whenever I need a y or a z, but then Ićd have to unleard what I onlz need to know for less than a week. Thatćs waz too much work. If zou have a problem with it, zoućve alreadz probablz stopped reading, so I can saz, ĆScrew ZouĆ to zou without zou even knowing.