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A Few Inflammatory Statements

1. Not everyone graduated at the top of their class. 2. Nearly every industry has some excellent people, a ton of average people, some incompetent people, and some criminals. 3. If there is significant money or power to be gained, the extreme cases for #2 become greater. If you took extreme offense at any of […]

HR or Criminal Issue? Moving Abusive Priests Between Parishes

With so many clergy abuse scandals in the news these days, finding new ways to cover the stories may become challenging. Here’s one angle that might help. While the St Paul Archdiocese has been busy denying covering for abusive priests within their ranks, the Duluth Diocese has gotten around to admitting that a priest within […]

MinnPost’s New Minneapolis Crime Map

MinnPost has an excellent new interactive crime map on their site that presents city crime data by crime category and neighborhood. Very cool stuff. One thing that stands out to me is the difference between the “all crimes” map and the visualizations of different crime categories. Here’s the all crimes version: And here’s that map […]

An Example of Minneapolis 311 Dropping the Ball

I received an alert from Minneapolis 311 today about a graffiti report I sent in yesterday. Good news. The report had already been closed. 24 turnaround. Very cool: But, when I looked closer, I saw this: Hmm, it was closed because it was a duplicate. It turns out that someone had already reported that tag. […]

Spiros Zorbalas: Fixing Online Reputation Over Cockroach Infestation

The Slumlord of South Minneapolis, Spiros Zorbalas, has been in the news again. This time for a good reason. He is now officially out of the slumlording business in the city after selling his portfolio of poorly maintained properties to Steve Frenz. While showing little respect for his tenants, Zorbalas did appear to care about […]

Police Effectively Using Technology to Fight Prostitution

I’ve written before about how ridiculous it is for politicians to think shutting down a website will impact prostitution. We’ve seen this happen with Craigslist’s erotic services postings, and pressure has ramped up to shut down Backpage after BP became the next big player in erotic classifieds once the government eliminated their closest competitor. I’ve […]

Vikings Extend Lead in Most Arrested Players Competition

Back in October 2011, the Vikings pulled into first place among NFL teams for player arrests. Previous to that, they were tied for first place with the Cincinnati Bengals. Apparently, Vikings cornerback Benny Sapp wasn’t satisfied with the Vikings’ one-arrest lead, so he helped extend the lead by getting arrested on December 30th: That also […]

Lacking Control Groups Beat Down Troubled Minneapolis Neighborhoods

The Minneapolis Police Department’s Shots Fired map do a good job showing where shots are fired showing were shots spotter microphones are installed. Shots Fired The StarTribune misinterpreted this data like this: It’s a valuable public service to put out this public information, but the sheer number of red circles is a sad commentary on […]

Is Everything Justifiable for Vikings Fans?

The popular Vikings blog, Daily Norseman, linked up my post yesterday about the Vikings becoming the most-arrested team in the NFL. Reading through the comments over there, it’s becoming more and more clear to me that Vikings fans can justify just about anything on behalf of their team. We already know Vikings fans support using […]

Minnesota Vikings Now #1 Most Arrested Team in the NFL

With the arrest of Minnesota Vikings cornerback, Chris Cook, on charges of felony domestic assault/strangulation and fifth degree domestic assault, the Vikings have managed to pull into first place as the most arrested team in the NFL. has been tracking NFL player arrests dating back to 2000 and offers a great database for looking […]

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