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Police Effectively Using Technology to Fight Prostitution

I’ve written before about how ridiculous it is for politicians to think shutting down a website will impact prostitution. We’ve seen this happen with Craigslist’s erotic services postings, and pressure has ramped up to shut down Backpage after BP became the next big player in erotic classifieds once the government eliminated their closest competitor. I’ve […]

Backpage Faces Same Wrath as Craigslist in Infinite Game of Whack-A-Mole

Back in October 2010, I wrote a post here about how Backpage would benefit from the work by attorney generals around the country who eliminated Backpage’s biggest competitor, Craiglist, from the adult classifieds advertising business. According to traffic reporting service, Backpage was averaging around 2.3 million unique visitors/month to their site before Craigslist was […]

Shutting Down Craigslist Erotic Services Ads: 2 Years Later

Back in May 2009, I wrote about how strange it was that state Attorney Generals would go through the effort to shut down erotic services related ads on Craigslist. At the time, I predicted the following fall-out: 1. People looking to sell themselves on Craigslist will shift to other categories, polluting non-sexual services classifieds categories […]

Has Benefitted from Craiglist Shutting Down Adult Ads?

Back in early September, I mentioned that it’s pretty ridiculous to think that the work state attorney generals did to get Craigslist to shut down their adult ads would have any deterrent effect on people interested in selling adult services. At the time, I suggested that was an obvious next stop for people advertising […]

Sites Like Craigslist

We can all thank the 17 state attorney generals who solved the prostitution problem in America by pressuring Craigslist into shutting down their Adult Services classifieds category. Right? Well, as I mentioned earlier this week, the web is nearly infinite, so shutting down any given site will have little to no impact on escort advertising. […]

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