Jucy Lucy vs. Juicy Lucy

Before continuing my Jucy Lucy expose, I’d like to clear one thing up: The Jucy Lucy is spelled J-U-C-Y L-U-C-Y.

See an “I” there? I didn’t think so. However, there has been precedent set for including an “I” by Dara Moskowitz, who managed to misspell Jucy Lucy throughout a 1998 article on said burger in a 1998 CityPages article.

Jucy Lucy

For those of you who are entirely lost at this point, notice the cheese oozing from the MIDDLE of the above burger. THAT’S a Jucy Lucy. Cheese in the middle of the burger. Get it now? If not, move on.
Additionally, it’s worth noting that Wikipedia had a debate about whether the Jucy Lucy should be sub-categorized under Cheeseburger, but to date this has not happened. It’s kind of like the marsupial of cheeseburgers, where cheeseburgers formed their own species after the break-up of Pangaea.

I’m Big in Minnesota

If anyone in Los Gatos or St. Helena today asked me, “Who the hell are you?” I would have said, “Ed Kohler, duh.” If that didn’t ring a bell, I would have explained to them that they may not have heard of me, but I’m big in Minnesota. For example, The Deets was the Minnesota Blog of the Day on the CityPages Blotter yesterday. And I quote:

Minneapolitan Ed Kohler blogs on Cajun Lucies, brie string cheese, and what’s wrong with newspapers at The Deets.

Damn straight. That’s an interesting snapshot into what The Deets is all about. It also reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend about String Brie way back in almost November. She suggested that snackable brie should come in squeezable tubes like GoGurt. She’s either on something or onto something there.

The hamsters powering The Deets’s servers wished they had a lighter lunch before the insane traffic spike generated by CityPages. They claimed they were a whisker away from calling PETA.