13th, 12th, 11th, & 10th Avenues South of Powderhorn Park

13th Ave S at 35th St E

Back on Jan 2nd, Carly and I clipped off a few streets to the south fo Powderhorn Park, starting from 13th Ave S at 35th St E.

Powderhorn Park from 35th St E & 13th Ave S

Powderhorn Park’s lake was iced over, but not by much.

Dairy Queen at 38th St E & 13th Ave S

The Dairy Queen at 38th St E was closed for the season. I could have gone for a small Blizzard.

Bancroft Elementary School

Bancroft Elementary School is across 38th St from Dairy Queen. They are aiming to be a fully-authorized International Baccalaureate school by this spring.

Icy Roads

Roads were particularly icy at that time. Hard packed stuff. Tough to run on, but we still saw a couple bikers.

St. Mary's Cemetery

Our turnaround point was St. Mary’s Cemetery at 44th St.


Risen Christ School, at 12th Ave S & 37th St E, was formerly Holy Name school, but became home to a consolidation of five parishes in 1993.

Church of the Holy Name

Back at Powderhorn Park, we turned back south on 11th Ave, and passed Church of the Holy Name on the other side of the block from Risen Christ School.

Fountain of Life Church

Fountain of Life Gospel Church, on 10th Ave S at 40th, seems to like acronyms a lot, based on what I see on their website.

Believers Fellowship Christian Church

Believers Fellowship Christian Church on 10th Ave S at 39th St, has a church motto: “Bring them in – Build them up – Train them and Send them out.” Sounds good.

Powderhorn Park from 35th St E & 11th Ave S

And back to Powderhorn Park.

Powderhorn Park to St. Mary's Cemetery Running Route

Kiva Update: Awesome Milestone

A new milestone for Team Deets on Kiva has been reached: we just hit $2,000 in loans!

See below for a breakdown of the stats:

Kiva Team Deets Performance

It’s awesome to see that 26 of you have signed up and lent money to an entrepreneur somewhere in the world so far.

One thing I’ve learned is that it pays to ask you to do cool stuff from time to time. And providing a little incentive doesn’t hurt. Check out the stats below to see what I’m talking about:

Kiva Impact

I just did my 20th loan (to a baker in Tajikistan), which is Wobegonly above average, but it’s nothing compared to what you have done for Team Deets.

I’d like to send a special thanks to two Team Deets members, Kirk and Pat. Both have been big supporters of Team Deets both through the loans they’ve made and their emails to me to blog about this more often.

In fact, I’d like to share an email from Pat without his permission (I think he’ll be cool with it) about how Team Deets can ramp things up:

Just made a couple more Kiva loans last night.

It looks like the Team Deets is averaging about 3 loans per member. Not bad for 7 and a half months…but I am wondering if another post might help add a couple more folks to the roster or spur a couple more loans?

Maybe another Team Deets incentive? For every loan made between now and ???, people are entered to win a Kiva shirt, jacket, bag, etc. or a gift certificate? Every new member gets a shirt or gift certificate (how’d that go last time?)

I’m willing to kick in $100 for incentives.

Love Kiva and it appears that a bunch of Deets readers do too – maybe we can leverage all that love for some more!

Up for it?

Yes, I’m up for it! And, I’ll match Pat on his $100 in matching funds. Let’s do it like this:

If you think Pat’s the man for coming up with this idea, click this link, join Kiva, lend $25, then send me an email so I can tell Pat to chip $25 toward your 2nd loan or Kiva schwag. Or, if you having something against Pat, still want to join Team Deets, and would like to have your first loan matched by me, click here. Either way, be sure to swing by this link to join Team Deets so we can see how far and wide our collecting lending goes.

Also, if you’re up for joining Pat and I as providers of matching funds, drop a comment or send me an email. As you can see from the stats above, it may go even further when it’s an incentive for others to get involved.

Chisholm Inn & Suites TP

Chisholm Inn & Suites TP, originally uploaded by edkohler.

Hotels have to pick their battles. In this case, it looks like they are
leaning toward providing bike racks and rentals to tourists interested in
riding the Mesabi Trail past open pit mines over their TP presentation.

Pizza Slice Bike Racks at Pizza Luce

A nice slice touch at the Pizza Luce in Hopkins along the Midtown Greenway.

This is a vast improvement over the former Bakers Square. Not just the bike

My Daily Offers Spending

Just over a year ago, I started snapping up some deals on Groupon and other related services, so it seems like a good time to look back on whether these deals are working for me or not. First, I went to Mint.com and looked up my spending on daily deal services:

Daily Deal Offer Purchases

I’ve spent $1,387 on daily deals over the past year. Since deals tend to be 50% off deals, it’s fair to say that these programs are saving me around $100/month. That is, if I’m spending money on things I would have purchased anyway AND being sure to redeem the deals I’ve purchased.

On the redemption side, I’ve had a couple purchases expire, so my net savings are around $50 less than what I’ve spent on offers. I’ve learned not to buy deals based on optimism, such as kayaking on Lake Calhoun.

Which also ties to the “would have purchased anyway” mindset. Aspirational deals are not a savings in the same way as getting a deal on something I would have done anyway. That said, if an aspirational deal entices me to try something cool, that’s a really good deal.

Daily deals have definitely gotten me in the door of places I hadn’t been to before. Most recently, Sporty’s Pub on Como Ave SE, where I tried their deliciou Hypocrite burger (a veggie burger with pulled pork and bacon). I will be back.

Daily Deals Breakdown

While Groupon is my current top daily deal source, that’s partly because they were the first of these services that I joined. Over time, I started picking up more offers from LivingSocial, and lately it looks like CrowdCut has been my top source for daily deals. In the case of CrowdCut, I think this is because they’ve had a lot of deals near the U of MN, which is geographically convenient for me. I haven’t seen much of interest from The Blind Squirrel yet. It seems like they are a little thin on local offers at this time. CBS Local Offers has a bit corporate for my taste. Glamour Shots? No thanks. Dealstork has been kicking out a lot of spa, photo framing, and fitness center offers, which aren’t really my thing. Perhaps they’ll reach a point where they can better target their offers based on age/gender/location?

Repeat Offers

One thing that I find interesting is that there are a handful of restaurants kicking out offers often enough that now only consider going to their locations when I have a deal. I tend to spend well above the offer’s face value in those cases, and bring others along, so the numbers may still work out for those places. Not sure.