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Please park before the walk or beyond the tree. Thank you.

Here’s another example of a home owner posting a sign on a tree to police the parking in front of their home: In this case, it looks like they’re protecting the front crosswalk of their house from people who indiscriminately park on public streets. Here’s a close-up of the sign: That’s pretty sun bleached. If […]

Update on the Private Parking Sign on Public Streets Scene

The sign is down! More deets below: It turns out that I’m not the only person who has strong feelings about people sinking nails into trees to make private claims to public property. Urban homesteading for cars, if you will. Here are a few examples: @StribRoper @edkohler Makes me want to buy an old clunker […]

Private Parking Signs on Public Streets

I find people who claim ownership of the public street in front of their private home entertaining. Here’s an example from 42nd Ave S near the Blue Door Pub: Private Parking? Please. Even more ridiculous, they’ve hammered nails into the public’s tree on the public boulevard to hang their “Private Parking” sign: Parking must be […]

What’s the Cost of Owning a Car That You’d Drop for Car Sharing?

One common talking point with local car rental subscription services1. is that it will save you a TON of money. This is often based on cost of ownership estimates of around $10,000 per year. Here’s an example from Zipcar’s website breaking down how they get there: With those assumptions, they calculate an annual cost of […]

Some Minneapolis Snow Emergency Car Towing Stats

Eric Roper has an article in the StarTribune that looks at which areas of the town see the most cars towed during snow emergencies. And, more interestingly, which areas see the least tows. It seems to correlate quite well with distance from the impound lots. The data behind the map included some other variables that […]

It’s Hard to Take the Opinions of ExxonMobil Funded Professors Seriously #VMT

Who would argue that fuel efficient cars are getting a free ride? If you guessed “Michael E. Webber, a professor in the energy department of a university in Texas where ExxonMobil is the largest corporate donor” you’d be correct: Switching to a ton mile fee solves several problems at once: It raises the revenues we […]

What Should be Done if Gas Taxes Aren’t Raising Enough Revenue?

One thing that confuses me about transportation funding is the idea that raising gas taxes is politically impossible, but creating new forms of transportation taxes like a tax on every mile you drive would be feasible. To me, the raising gas taxes seems far more efficient since all of the systems are already in place […]

Who Complains the Most About the Price of Gas in the Twin Cities?

The Center for Neighborhood Technology has an interesting map where they compare the affordability of neighborhoods and cities based on percentage of income. Here’s a look at the greater Twin Cities metro: To me, this helps illustrate the challenge with driving until you can afford more home. In real estate, the term “drive until you […]

Straw Sucking Suburban Commuter Diets

Clay Christensen shares a story about the popularity of milkshakes for breakfast during long morning commutes. They’re both something to eat and something to do while bumper-to-bumpering from the exurbs. For me, this is a good reminder of why I prefer reverse commutes or no commute. I’ve heard similar stories about coffee shops in the […]

Minneapolis Parking Meter Experiences

Bob Ingrassia has a post up on the Fast Horse blog about the painfully slow parking meters being installed in downtown Minneapolis. The post includes a video showing how long it takes between when money is inserted and a receipt is kicked out. Beyond the long delay, there is no feedback that the machine is […]

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