BAGnewsNotes on Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Kick-Off Video

BAGnewsNotes generally reviews photos, but took a shot at analyzing Hillary’s announcement video today. He also had a problem with the panning camera:

BAGnewsNotes: We’re In

Why was the camera slowly panning left, then right, throughout the video (except during the close ups)?

I’m sure it was inadvertent, but I’ll tell you what it made me think. On the credenza behind Hillary were three framed photos. In the one closest to Hillary was a photo of her with Bill. In the middle frame, I think the photo featured Hillary and Chelsea. I couldn’t make out the third.

It’s probably just my projection, but I read it as the campaign literally going back and forth, unsure how much to focus on Bill and Hillary as a couple (versus Bill) versus Hillary alone.

And thought the living room scene’s domesticity may not be the best choice for Hillary. I liked his idea of taping one on one conversations between Hillary and voters. She knows the issues and speaks well candidly. In fact, I think she’s better candid than scripted.

Bill Richardson’s Presidential Announcement Video

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And in Spanish:
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Richardson’s presidential team is working all the angles with social media sites, including Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Zanby, Myspace, and PartyBuilder, which he links to from his campaign site’s homepage.

Richardson’s delivery is pretty dry, but he’s a smart guy who can get stuff done. Does that make him electable nationally?

Senator Sam Brownback’s Presidential Announcement Video

Kansas’ culture warrior, Sam Brownback, has also announced he’s running for president via online video:

Well produced, and professionally delivered using Brightcove rather than YouTube. Brightcove is an online video company started by an Macalester college grad, Jeremy Allaire (previously of Allaire corp and Cold Fusion web programming fame among techies). I doubt Allaire and Brownback share similar politics.

While I don’t agree with Brownback’s politics, I admire his ability to form a team capable of creating a professional online video presence.