Updates to The Deets Calendar

I added quite a few events to the calendar tonight that will be coming up over the next few months. Most involve upcoming events at the Bell Museum, which rocks.

After doing that, I thought to myself, “Dang, if people have events that they think would be relevant to The Deets’ readers, wouldn’t it be sweet if they could add them themselves?” Well, it turns out that’s possible.

So, if you have events that you’d like to add to the calendar, shoot me a quick email and I’ll give you access.

Additional calendar talk: I’ve added a link to an RSS version of the calendar. RSS and calendars don’t exactly mix, so don’t expect to receive an RSS update of tomorrow’s events. Instead, it looks like you’ll receive an RSS update whenever an event is added or changed on the calendar. When it comes across to you, it will have a link to Google Calendar with an easy option for you to add the event to your own Google Calendar.

Here’s the RSS link for the calendar. It’s also on the calendar page now.

New Feature: Events Calendar

I’ve created an events calendar for The Deets. You can find a link to it from the header.

It uses Google Calendar. Basically, I created a new calendar for events (no, it’s not my personal calendar) and set it to Public view. After that, I generated an iframe view of the calendar and built that into a new page.

It’s a little thin now, but I’ll work on that.