A Big Time Attic Sketch-Off

Man, am I glad I wasn’t part of this competition. I’d have better luck winning a game of Trivial Pursuit in Swahili than out-sketching the Cannon boys at Big Time Attic.

Here was the result of the first round:


As you’ve probably guessed, Zander had to deduct points for putting a cigarette in his grasshopper’s mouth. If it has been a camel he may have been able to get away with it.

Zander’s Cartooning on Blogging Rocks

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. I’ve been really busy . . .

Zander breaks down what it takes to be a typical blogger in an awesome post that includes this frame about the hot high school pole vaulter girl who’s sweeping through the blogosphere.

Hot Pole Vaulter Girl

Apparently, she doesn’t dig the attention she’s receiving for her hotness, so I’ll spare her a link.

PS: If the first line of this post makes little sense, you haven’t checked out the cartoon on Zander’s site yet.