BenCredible is BenCredible on Twin Cities Live

Ben from has a video from his most-recent Twin Cities Live segment up on his blog in which – at around 3:30 into the clip – host John Hanson refers to BenCredible as, “BenCredible.”

It’s great to see Ben’s BenCredible moniker go mainstream. At least with the stay at home mom crowd.

Local Blogger Goes Mainstream: That’s BenCredible!

Ben from has landed a TV gig. KSTP (Channel 5) is rolling out a new local afternoon talk show called Twin Cities Live, and they’re going to bring in Ben to tap his geek brain for occasional technology segments.

If I had to guess, this out take video of Ben talking tech is probably what landed him the deal:

Does Ben test well with the Weekdays at 3pm Crowd?

Random Deets Stats for August 2007

All based on August 2007 stats:

Top-5 Restaurant Searches that drove traffic to The Deets

1. Busters on 28th
2. Merlin’s Rest
3. Town Talk Diner
4. Caribou Coffee
5. Cosi Cafe

Top-5 Names that Drove Traffic to The Deets

1. Noelia
2. Larry Craig
3. Ed Kohler
4. David Blane
5. Tay Zonday

Top-5 Longest Phrases Driving Traffic to The Deets

1. accenture halliburton outsourcing or outsource billion or million
2. “i now pronounce you” gay marriage pronouncement sample
3. “reader voices strong opinion on atheists” “alice shannon”
4. harry’s food and cocktails restaurant review , minneapolis
5. armed robberies at coffee shops and fast food restaurants

States that visited The Deets (apparently, Montana was offline in August):

No Internet in Montana?

Traffic from over the past year. Remember when he used to boast about the traffic he sent to The Deets?

Traffic from

BenCredible’s SO Close to Winning

I have a snow globe type thing from Yahoo with a Yahoo gold ball & tee in water where you’re supposedly able to get the ball to land and stay on top of the tee. I tried it a the gift shop at Yahoo and failed, so bought it so I could continue trying later on. This was something like 8 months ago, and no one in the office has managed to get it yet. Ben of put in a solid effort today and was getting close, so I started taping him on my Treo (there is no video camera on his iPhone). Sadly, an important call came in only moments – theoretically – before he finally won this annoying game.

Crow River Coffee Company Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burrito at Crow River Coffee Company

Ben from and I stopped by the Crow River Coffee Company for lunch on May 8th after one of our Technology Evangelist podcasts. One of our regular listeners owns the place, so we decided to swing out to say hi. BenCredible was out there last Friday as well for a night on the town in Watertown.

They had a breakfast burrito on the menu, so it was pretty obvious what I should be ordering. This was one of the more unusual breakfast burritos I’ve had, but that’s coming from the perspective of someone who lives along E Lake St. in Minneapolis

The innards consisted of a lot of scrambled eggs, cheese of the cheddar variety, deli-sliced ham, and pesto. The salsa was something close to Pace medium, and there was a pickle for a garnish. It was lunch time, so I assume the pickle had something to do with the time of day.

Overall, it was fresh and well prepared. Not what I was expecting, but I liked it. The chips pictured were extra.

While any scrambled egg in a burrito combination probably meets the criteria for breakfast burrito, I must say that I lean toward the rice or beans pairing, so this doesn’t make my top-5.

As you can see from the picture below, Ben went for the panini:

Ed & Ben in Watertown

They have a lot of paninis on the menu, so that’s probably the correct order at this spot.

If you’re up for a run bike ride, consider biking out to this place. It’s around 30 miles from Minneapolis and a really beautiful small city along the banks of the Crow River. The coffee shop it right on the river as you cross into town.

On Future Tense Today on MPR

My interview with Jon Gordon regarding my announcement that Technology Evangelist was going to be Don Imus’ replacement is now life:

When is it OK for a blogger to pull a fast one?

Blogger and podcaster Ed Kohler wrote on his Technology Evangelist site last week that he’d been named temporary replacement for radio host Don Imus, who was fired by CBS and MSNBC after a racial slur. Some people recognized the story as a joke, but others across the Internet bought it. Afterall, the Technology Evangelist blog and podcast present technology news and analysis in a straightforward manner — they’re not known for pranks. Kohler describes the hoax as a late April fool’s joke.

It played this morning a little after 8am on MPR. For Canadians in the audience, I believe it plays later today on As it Happens. Or, just click on the above link to get to an MP3 version could can listen to over and over again on your iPod.

Check tomorrow’s Pioneer Press for a story about Twitter. According to Julio Ojeda-Zapata, Ben of and I are in it. He should know, since he wrote the piece.

TotD – Orange Blossom Special

TotD - Orange Blossom Special

Today’s tea of the day is Orange Blossom Special from Tea Source in St. Paul’s Highland Park.

As you can see from the photo, I shared this with Ben of during a podcast we recorded on snake oil sales (or, Search Engine Optimization).

This one’s a little too fruity for my taste. I have a feeling that anything with “blossom” in the name isn’t going to be a good fit for me.

Speaking of Blossom, what’s up with Mayim Bialik these days? She’s still in the biz, according to IMDB.