Government Crack-Down on Beer Samples at Breweries! is reporting that new brewpub legislation is trying to put a cap on free sample sizes:

MNBeer – Brewery & Brewpub Legislation: Are You Aware?

(c) A brewer may provide samples of its own products on its premises to persons touring the brewery in a quantity of less than 100 milliliters of malt liquor per variety per person.

That’s like 3 ounces!

6th District State Senator Thomas Bakk is the person behind the amendments to the brewpubs bill. He represents the lake shore communities along Lake Superior and the forest and lakes North to Canada, including Ely.

This doesn’t seem like a large brewpub area to me, so I don’t understand why Sen. Bakk would find this legislation important to his constituents.

Did you know it’s already illegal for a brewer to give away free samples in the same retail store more than 5 times in a calendar year? What’s up with that?

First Beer for February?

It’s just after 10pm on Jan 30th, which means I have 26 hours to go on my January challenge of no alcohol. Not that I’m counting or anything.

Frankly, giving up drinking alcohol has been a lot easier than soda. Convenient access to caffeine is apparently tougher for me to overcome than the effects of beer, wine, and Boone’s.

This is probably the longest I’ve gone without drinking since I started drinking, so I think it will be interesting to see what effect one beer will have on my system.

Which brings me to this questions: Which beer should I have first in February? I like to think globally and drink locally, so I’m leaning toward something from the area. Maybe a trip up to Barley John’s to try their Extra Special Lager?

What would you do?

TVsnacks, Hamm’s, and Blogrolls

I’ve added TVsnacks to my blogroll. It’s surely one of the top-5 blogs in Eagan. Anne’s off to a great start in the blogosphere, leaving her hubby, Kirk, in the post volume dust.

The commentary on Hamm’s at The Nook is pretty awesome. It’s great hearing about how Anne spent her childhood singing beer commercials. Anne, this is for you:

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Minneapolis has Crazy Bikes

bikes_02, originally uploaded by @ndyK.

What’s with Minneapolis and crazy bike styles? Check this thing out. I think I’ve seen this one roll down Washington Ave while consuming some beers & chicken wings at Maxwell’s before.

Just to clarify, I was the one consuming; not the biker, who would likely have a hard time working on a wingie or drummie while handling this ride. I suppose give a choice, drummies would be preferred for Buffalo biking.

What other crazy rides have you seen around town? A few others can come to mind:

1. Recumbant bikes along West River Road
2. Side by side tandems at Minnehaha falls
3. Push bikes on the Midtown Greenway

What am I missing?