Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza Argentina

Carly and I landed in Mendoza, Argentina a few hours ago, and it´s hot. Like 90 plus degrees hot. But we hear there they have a lot of wine worth tasting here, so we´re going to fight through the heat tomorrow and find out.

I found the above photo of a street canopy of the city of Mendoza on Flickr since the computer I´m using doesn´t seem to have any USB slots. On the plus side, it costs 66 cents per hour to use.

Quick story about our trip down: We flew into Dallas late, had to RUN through the airport to catch our flight to Buenos Aires. When we got there, our flight to Montevideo was cancelled, so we had to change airlines and fly through Punta del Esta on the way to Montevideo (basically, over our destination, then back). This involved sitting on a hot tarmac in a plane that wasn´t running since we hadn´t gone through customs yet. International travel adventure.

Time to go clean up before our 10pm dinner. Our travel companion, Camacho Watcho, has more updates on out time in Uruguay on her blog.