I Find Little Value in Andrew Zimmern’s Blog

First, the feed is truncated. And regular readers of The Deets know how I feel about that. You had better write one heck of an intriguing headline or excerpt to get me to click through. Zimmern managed to do that today when I saw this in my Google Reader:

Chow & Again Blog Post in Google Reader

So I clicked through. What did I find?

– A food critic throwing over the top insults at another food critic about a new restaurant review

– No link to the article Zimmern is upset about, making it difficult to read for myself.

– A half dozen name drops of people I’ve never heard of with titles that mean nothing to me.

– Some interesting commentary on the congressional hearings regarding slaughterhouses.

– Plugs for the previous and next time Andrew will be on the tee vee.

This done with writing that feels like someone is driving 80MPH on the highway while jerking the wheel back and forth. Check out the pairing of the two sentences below:

Despite my respect for her personal opinion and emphatically stating I believe that she is simply writing her own ‘truth’ about her experience there, I am in shock. Anytime she wants to have dinner there, I would love to take her and give her a primer in what makes for great cooking.

He respects her opinion, yet feels she needs to be educated by him on what great cooking tastes like?

Swerve, swerve, swerve.


Andrew Zimmern’s Tonight Show Experience

Zimmern was on the Tonight Show last night and posted a great look at what it’s like hanging out on the Tonight Show set:

My Day With Jay

You get awesome swag, like cool clothes (thanks Danielle!) and a car and driver to take you wherever, whenever. The private dressing rooms have bathrooms and showers and phones and TVs and all the other bells and whistles. Like what, you might ask? Well, every room you are escorted to and from has a rolling buffet in it just for you—you get treated like a king, doors opened, yes sir, no sir (all right, no one says no), you get nameplates on your dressing room. You get to hang out with John Melendez, Mo Rocca, and Fred Willard all day, so you pee your pants you are laughing so hard, and to top it all off, the best TV people in the business are rehearsing you, lighting you, pressing and primping your clothes, taking care of your every need, and making every guest look and sound better than they are in real life. Amazing stuff.

If you’re into the local food scene, consider subscribing to Andrew’s blog. Great stuff. Generally focused on higher end restaurants in Minneapolis, but he mixes it up from time to time.

Chef Andrew Wants Menu Nutrition Disclosures

Chef Andrew Zimmern wants to live in a nanny state. Well, not exactly, but he does think restaurants should label the foods on their menus:

Chow & Again | Andrew Zimmern’s Food & Dining Blog | Mpls.St.Paul Magazine + mspmag.com: An Informed Citizenry is the Lifeblood of a Democracy

I know that local restaurants all insist the cost of labeling is prohibitive, but enough is enough. It’s time for the government to step in and provide assistance, helping restaurants that gross under a million dollars annually make ends meet and provide their customers with the information they need to make healthy choices. Once again, T-Paw, Amy K., Norm C., and Mayors Coleman and Rybak need to take the lead and make the tough, but smart choice—making our citizenry’s health Job Number One. Minnesota always boasts of its status as a healthy state. Let’s prove it by banning trans fats and making menu nutrition-labeling mandatory.

Andrew’s right. Disclosure is a good thing. Ignorance is bliss except when it’s causing your heart to strain as it pushes mayo-laden blood through your arteries. Helping people make informed decisions hurts no one and helps those to make better decisions based on the information they have.

Menus should include an icon for a new nutritional unit I just made up: the Laporie. The icon would be shaped like a running track oval with a number in the infield signifying how many laps you would need to run to burn off the associated menu item. Here are a few examples:

Chili’s Boneless Buffalo Wings: 50 Lapories
1/2 Pound Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy’s: 31 Lapories
Banana: 4 Lapories

Top-7 Minneapolis Restaurant Blogs

If you’re looking or ideas on Minneapolis restaurants to check out, here are seven blogs that may offer some good tips for ya:

  • Chef Andrew Zimmern – generally focuses on top restaurants, chefs, and Minneapolis restaurant politics. Great place to find places when someone else is paying.
  • MNBeer.com – If beer is the main course, or something that has to be considered in your dining choice, look no further than MNBeer, who offers up to date news on what beers have been released to the public at local brew pubs.
  • The Bloated Belly – TBB covers a large variety of local restaurants. Or, as TBB puts it, offers, “Comments on Consumption”
  • Aaron Landry – Aaron photo blogs visits to local restaurants using his Hiptop at s4xton.com. If you want to see arm wrestling at the Town Talk or the view from the Clicquot Club, Aaron’s your guy.
  • Girl Friday – Girl Friday covers local watering holes and a whole lot more. Check out the drinking category for her latest takes on . . . um . . . drinking.
  • Doodledee.com – The most extensive published research on Jucy Lucy’s to date. Definitely worth a visit before heading out for your next Lucy.
  • Gin & Phonics – A little lean on the restaurant scene to date, but I had to include them solely on their coverage of Jucy Lucy’s at the NE Palace. I hope that post is the sign of more great research to come.

And while not a blog, it’s worth mentioning Thrifty Hipster, where you can find happy hour deals for any hour of the day.

What am I missing?