MSP Observation Deck

MSP Observation Deck, originally uploaded by s4xton.

Aaron offers a great reminder about the coolness of the MSP observation deck along with this hilarious nugget from his observing from the observation deck:

Two of them were fully uniformed TSA agents making out.

Uniformed make out sessions? Wow.

Found Luggage

Found Luggage, originally uploaded by edkohler.

I just found my bag at Newark that didn’t make it yesterday.

This picture was on the escalator ride from baggage up to check-in so I can ship my clean underwear back to MSP.

Turbulance on Ice

Turbulance in Ice, originally uploaded by edkohler.

We had a crazy turbulent landing on the was into Washington National (some call it Reagan but the airport code is WAS).

Lot’s of sudden drops over the last five minutes on approach made me wonder what would happen at the runway level. Then I noticed we had to cross the Potomac River to reach the runway.

Luckily, we made is and the pilot got the nose down. We swerved our way down the runway while an old lady next to Elizabeth kept saying, “we’re gonna die.”

The old lady was wrong.

The travelers clapped. I was sitting in the last rom and swear that one of the flight attendants started the clapping this time.

The picture shows that they’re catching up with the snow in DC. Time to drive North.

Las Vegas Taxi Line

Las Vegas Taxi Line, originally uploaded by edkohler.

Vegas knows how to move people. Check out this line for taxis at the airport. It looks horrible, but with 19 taxi queues, things moved pretty darn fast.

They also know how to move money out of people’s wallet’s here. I haven’t spent any money yet, but still feel like my wallet is thinner.