Zell Miller’s Defense of George W Bush

It’s great to hear that Zell Miller has finally come out of his Republican closet.

I find Zell’s description of GWB’s personality acceptable. He seems like a nice guy to have as a neighbor, but he’s dangerous when the US economy or American soldier’s lives are at stake.

“This is a president who understands the price of freedom. He understands that leaders throughout history often have had to choose between good and evil, tyranny and freedom. ”

Yet he has made a priority of fighting a war to secure oil fields for his Vice President’s former company rather than find the guy who attacked us on our own soil: Osama bin Laden. This president does not understand the price of freedom. He had a chance to learn about that in Vietnam but his dad managed to get him into the Texas Air National Guard, from which he then went AWOL. He lied about being willing to serve overseas duty at that time. In fact, George still owes the Texas Air National Guard a year of service. I wonder if he’d get shipped to Iraq if he was serving that year now? Probably not, since his flying skills were poor.

“And the choice they make can reverberate for generations to come.”

It will take generations to reverse the diplomatic damage done by GWB. The environmental damages are possibly an even bigger issue. And we will certainly be paying for Bush’s wasteful spending, tax cuts, and unnecessary wars for generations to come.

“This is a president who has some Churchill in him and who does not flinch when the going gets tough. This is a president who can make a decision and does not suffer from “paralysis analysis.””

I’d rather have a president who pauses, then makes the RIGHT decisions. Or takes the time to build “strong”coalitions”/strong”. It’s hard for a guy who doesn’t like reading security briefings to suffer from “paralysis analysis.”

“This is a president who can look America in the eye and say on Iraq, “We’re not leaving.” And you know he means it.”

That’s a lot easier to say when your children aren’t being shot at.

“This is also a president who understands that tax cuts are not just something that all taxpayers deserve, but also the best way to curb government spending. It is the best kind of tax reform. If the money never reaches the table, Congress can’t gobble it up.”

Tax cuts without naming the programs that will have to be cut and by how much is cowardice. Running up the hugest deficit this country has ever seen is idiotic. Giving tax cuts to the riches 1% of Americans in a time of war is pure cronyism.

“Some want to raise our taxes a trillion, while the others want to raise our taxes by several hundred billion.”

That’s called, “making economic sense.”

“They also, to varying degrees, want us to quit and get out of Iraq. They don’t want us to stay the course in this fight between tyranny and freedom.”

They don’t want to see more American lives lost to Oil. Think about how much less oil dependent the US would be if we’d invested the over $100,000,000,000 we’ve spent in Iraq into clean fuel sources?

“This is our best chance to change the course of history in the Middle East.”

Our best chance to change the course of history in the Middle East would have been for GWB to continue Clinton’s peace work in Israel. George decided to ignore Israel for the first two years of his presidency, and now the area has receded back to violence.

“I find it hard to believe, but these naive nine have managed to combine the worst feature of the McGovern campaign — the president is a liar and we must have peace at any cost — with the worst feature of the Mondale campaign — watch your wallet, we’re going to raise your taxes. George McGovern carried one state in 1972. Walter Mondale carried one state in 1984. Not exactly role models when it comes to how to get elected or, for that matter, how to run a country.”

It’s sad to hear Zell describe being honest, “naive.” He certainly doesn’t rebut the fact that GWB has and continues to lie to the American people. And he has done nothing to describe how we can reduce our deficit while continuing to fight wars without sufficient revenues.

“For I believe the next five years will determine the kind of world my four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren will live in.”

Zell apparently wants his four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren to live in a violent world where might is always right. Where the air and water is less clean that it is today. Where less people are working than today, leading to higher levels of crime. Where car fuel efficiently is even worse than it is today. Where corporations decide which countries we’re going to attack without a preeminent threat.

Have fun in the Republican party, Zell. You won’t be missed.

Tim, thanks for sending over the article.

If We Can’t Stop Stoways on Planes . . .

Has anyone else noticed that we’re not hearing any linking by the media between the guys showing up hidden in wheel wells of airplanes and airline security? Excuse me, but if a person can smuggle their entire body onto a plane, wouldn’t it be child’s play for the same person to smuggler an explosive device onto a plane?

Apparently, ignorance is bliss these days.

Thanks to my friend Mike for bringing this to my attention.

Tom Barnard’s Bush Basher Bashing

I was listening to KQ92 in Minneapolis this morning when Tom Barnard went on a rant about how stupid people are who hate George W Bush. To prove his point, he told a story about two women he met at a party who despise GWB. He claimed that they couldn’t articulate why they hated GWB, but they just did.

Could it be that they possess a ‘woman’s intuition’ and know better than to trust the current President? Considering that the guy is destroying the air we breath, using air strikes to kill one ‘important target’ along with handfuls of innocents with dark skin every day, and bankrupting the country by running two wars at the same time, that he rewards his cronies with tax cuts and deregulates their business’ industries, they just may be on to something.

He then went on to say that Dean’s in trouble and says, “has anyone taken a look at the stock market lately” to justify how great the economy is under Bush II. That, of course, is just a piece of ignorant misinformation Tom probably regurgitated from FOX News. In reality, the market is down 19% on GWB’s watch. More importantly to Tom Barnard’s average listener, the number of people unemployed is MUCH higher than it was when he entered office, and his policies are doing nothing to turn that around.

Mr. Barnard then started trying to rip on Governor Dean, but when asked by a sidekick what state Gov. Dean was from, he has to admit he didn’t know. That’s pretty sad considering basically every article mentioning Gov. Dean includes the term, “from Vermont.”

Neil Cavuto’s Short Term History

iB::Topic::Self-Righteous Reporters and Their Cynical Work: “Self-Righteous Reporters and Their Cynical Work

Neil Cavuto
Fox News
December 15, 2003

So I’m watching the coverage of Saddam Hussein’s capture, and I’m incredulous.

One network reporter asks, ‘Why did it take so long?’ Another says, ‘But the far bigger fish, Usama bin Laden, remains at large.’ Still another talks about the White House’s wishful thinking if it thinks this will make our troops in Iraq any more secure.

For a moment, I thought I was watching Pravda. No, just a smattering of some of the broadcast and news network reporting. “>>>>>>>

Hmmmm, I wonder if Neil remembers who was responsible for the 9-11 attacks? One of the two guys mentioned above has taken responsibility and be pinned by the government (FOX’s government) as the guy responsible for that atrocity. Guess what? He’s still at large in a non-oil-rich area near the Pakistan/Afghanistan border.

After 8 months, you’d think a ‘reporter’ like Neil for FOX (News?) would understand that Saddam posed no immediate threat to the USA.

It looks like the reporter questioning whether Saddam’s capture would make American troops more secure was also asking a solid question. Neil, American troops are still dying in Iraq.

Neil, real reporters ask questions about what impact a story will have. Try it sometime.

Larry Kudlow’s Fuzzy Math

According to Fox wonk, Larry Kudlow, we’re seeing Another re-election economy. Apparently, Larry hasn’t spent much time CRM looking at the unemployment statistics published by the BLS:

2000 Unemployment %: 4.0
2002 Unemployment %: 5.8

Facts do tend to get in the way of arguments by Fox (News?) commentators.

2003 Banner should see some Forwards improvements, but clearly more Arguments people are 1 out of work Conservative today than at the start of Bush’s presidency. cheap jerseys Somehow I doubt those those unemployed folks cheap mlb jerseys would share Larry’s rosy view cheap nfl jerseys of today’s economy. And I’m positive they have enough voting power to sway an Extender election if things end up being anything like 2000.

Debunking Right-Wing Email Forwards

A college roommate of mine has turned into a Republican, and keeps sending broadcast Outdoor emails of right-wing propaganda to his friends and family. I’ve developed a habit of hitting reply-all to his emails and offering a counter-point to his emails with no response so far. What does this mean?

Does it mean that he was set straight and is somewhat embarrassed about sending the original email? Or does it mean he disagrees with my response but doesn’t want to debate the issue any further? Not sure. Here’s the latest. It reads from the bottom, with my response at the top:


Subject: RE: Forbes.com story

“Let’s begin by acknowledging that all is not perfect in Iraq. Crime rates are high, almost as high as New York City’s.” – Caspar Weinberger

Let’s begin by acknowledging that Caspar Weinberger’s first lie in this article was the very first stat that he cited. Over the 28 day period from October 26-November 23rd, there were 38 people murdered in NYC, and 80 US Military killed in Iraq. Of course, this doesn’t include the hundreds, if not thousands of Iraq civilians that were also killed over that same time period.

Don’t believe me? Check the stats:


If you have to lie to make a point, your point wasn’t made. Sorry Caspar.

This was a sorry attempt to change the topic AWAY from why we’re in Iraq in the first place. The Bush administration’s case for going to war with Iraq was based on fabricated links between wholesale nba jerseys Sadam Hussein and Al-Quaida, along with a State of the Union speech given by Bush where he told the whole country that Sadam had weapons of mass destruction including chemical weapons which could be armed and launched in as little as 45 minutes. We now know that this is complete bullshit, and it’s cost our country well over $100,000,000,000 to support these lies. Why does this administration have the audacity to insult countries who saw through the lies and decided not to put their own citizens at risk to support Haliburton’s war?

With an election Conservative coming up, I can see why Caspar is trying to put a positive spin on the billions of dollars spent and hundreds of Americans killed this year without capturing Sadam Hussein or Osama bin Laden (remember him?).

If Forbes is a part of the “liberal Big Media” why didn’t they do some fact checking on Caspar’s piece before publishing it? Who do you think owns Forbes?

Here’s a hint to people buying into this crap: Do you think your average out of work (or underemployed wholesale nfl jerseys or uninsured) American gives a rip about the living conditions of your average Iraqi? Get real. It’s a losing issue for Republicans.

Take care, and support our troops.


—–Original Message—–
From: Matt A. [mailto:—–@———–.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2003 1:06 PM
To: ———-; ———-; ———-; ———-; ———-; ———-; ———-; ———-;
Subject: FW: Forbes.com story

Please pass this on…

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From: ———-
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2003 12:26 PM
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Subject: FW: Forbes.com story

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From: T. & D. Y.[SMTP: ———-@ ———-.com]

Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2003 9:28 AM

To: ———-; ———-; ———-;

Subject: Fw: Forbes.com story


> ———- ———–

> ————-

> — — —-




> If all the information below doesn’t convince you that “big media” is


> to hide the successes of the Bush administration in Iraq, nothing will.


> Why don’t we hear any of this from any of the networks? Are they all that

> incompetent that they can’t see it, or is it that they choose to ignore


> All they want you to hear is the bad stuff.


> Remember, “big media” is really just part of “big entertainment” and the

> liberal Democratic party. And there is an election coming up…..





> Current Events

> You Read It Here First

> Caspar Weinberger, 12.08.03, 12:00 AM ET


> One of the problems of our postwar results in Iraq is that most of the

principal U.S. press outlets have been reporting, to the exclusion of almost

anything else, the negative events since our military stunningly toppled

Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime. It’s time to redress the balance and present

our readers Personal with some facts that demonstrate how well America’s goals in

Iraq are being achieved.


> Let’s begin by acknowledging that all is not perfect in Iraq. Crime rates

are high, almost as high as New York City’s. Our forces have had to deal

with the depredation and senseless destruction loosed on the country by some

100,000 of Iraq’s criminals, whom Saddam released from jail shortly before

our troops went in.


> What we are seeing now is the uniform disdain and ill-founded criticisms

of those who opposed the war from the beginning; those who, because of next

year’s presidential election, oppose everything the Administration or

President Bush does or says; and those countries, such as France and

Germany, that are angered by any suggestion of American success anywhere and

which fear their huge and improvident prewar loans to Iraq may not be

repaid. Many of these countries are also motivated by equally tawdry reasons

of trade.


> But despite all the negative reportage there is a great deal of good

news–especially for those who hope to see a free and democratically led

Iraq living in peace with itself and its neighbors.


> Education


> Nearly all of Iraq’s schools are open, and data from 10 of the primary and

secondary schools showed an encouraging increase in enrollment. All 22

universities and 43 technical institutes are also open. In October

universities received 1,500 computers, and South Korea is helping establish

Internet centers.


> Teachers now earn 12 to 25 times their former salaries. The Economist

reported that before the war a Baghdad primary school teacher was paid the

equivalent of $6 a month; her husband, a factory overseer, earned $13 a

month. Kuba Today their combined monthly income is close to $450; for the first

time they are able to buy many standard consumer goods.


> Public Health


> All 240 hospitals and 1,200 primary health clinics are open. Spending for

public health is more than 26 times what it was wholesale mlb jerseys during Saddam’s regime, and

doctors’ salaries are 8 times what they were. More than 22 million vaccine

doses have been given to children, and more than two-thirds of drinking

water supplies have been restored.


> Security


> By Oct. 24 we had trained some 85,500 Iraqis: 55,000 police; 6,400 border

guards; an 18,700-man Facilities Protection Corps; 700 new Iraqi Army

graduates, with the goal of 27 battalions trained in a year; a 4,700-man

Civil Defense Corps; and an additional 10,000 Iraqis in training for these

forces. In addition, 32 countries have more than 24,000 troops on the ground

in Iraq, including the Polish-led wholesale mlb jerseys forces that are in command of the

south-central part of the country.


> Our training and recruiting personnel have had to deal with the fact that,

in order to survive, most Iraqis had to have had some association with or

given some support to Saddam and his Baathist Party regime. It Hugh is therefore

slow work ensuring that those we are training are suitable for the work in

the new Iraq.


> Public Services


> Years of neglect wreaked major damage on Iraqi water, power and sewerage

systems. All are being repaired and improved. Oil production, even from

oilfields urgently in need of modernization following decades of calculated

neglect, averaged 1.9 million barrels a day in October and is moving closer

to the prewar level of 3 million.


> Power generation reached 4,518 megawatts of electricity in early October,

compared with 300 megawatts, prewar. Three-fourths of the prewar level of

telephone service has been restored.


> The courts are in session, and some 50,000 claims against the old

government have been filed with the bar association.


> A new currency has been issued and the independent central bank opened two

months after the war ended. It took three years for post-WWII occupied

Germany to do this.


> The Future


> On July 13 Coalition Provisional Authority Administrator Paul Bremer

appointed the all-Iraqi Governing Council. On Nov. Mullet 15 the CPA and the

Council committed to a political timetable for Iraq. As the White House

announced, the plan “meets a key mutual objective of the Coalition and the

Iraqi people: the restoration of sovereignty to a body chosen by the

citizens of Iraq and based in a legal framework. It also commits Iraq to a

process for drafting a permanent, democratic constitution that protects the

rights of all citizens.”


> On Nov. 6 President Bush signed the Iraq and Afghanistan supplemental

appropriations bill into law. This will bring $87 billion to our global war

on terror. It will help support our servicemen and -women with weapons,

equipment and salaries; build stable democratic societies in these two

countries, as well as train and equip those citizens who are fighting to

defend and secure their rights; upgrade schools and hospitals; and repair

infrastructure and improve services, such as water, electricity and



> It wasn’t until last month that papers began reporting on the progress

that’s been made in Iraq. We must keep in mind that it has been only seven

months since our military brought down Saddam and that it will take time for

the Iraqis to build the foundation for a free, self-governing country.


Top Ten Conservative Idiots Rocks

If you haven’t checked Mountain out The Top Ten Conservative Idiots – Democratic Underground cheap Cleveland Browns jerseys you’re missing out. I haven’t seen a Republican response to this, which only reinforces & my belief 2015 that this is cheap jerseys the real deal Rational and indefensible by the right. LOL. It’s good to be wholesale NFL jerseys right, and by right I mean correct, not Limbaugh.

Hugh Hewitt Shuts Down Rational Arguments

I was listening to Hugh Hewitt tonight on The Patriot AM 1280 in Minneapolis when Hugh was attempting to break down the Howard Dean interview on Chris Matthews. I turned in late, but apparently Hugh was attempting to make some point about Howard Dean wholesale nba jerseys not being a veteran and trying to use this against the doctor/Governor. Hugh Graeagle, seemed to be trying to make a point that Dean is not qualified to discuss international affairs because he isn’t a veteran.

Somehow Sports a caller managed to make it past the screeners and pointed out that our current cheap jerseys president, George W. Bush, managed to avoid the Vietnam War due to some influence by his father, and apparently decided not to show up for a good portion of his Texas Air National Guard duty.

At this point, the bumper music started and Hugh cheap jerseys Hewitt went to commercial as he told his Site caller he’d follow up with him after the break. So I stayed with Hugh through the commercial to find out how he’d address this clearly hypocritical behavior by his The liar in chief. What did Hugh return to? Unbelievably, he simply dropped the caller and moved on to another subject.

What a conservative coward! This is becoming a typical response from the wholesale jerseys right. If you are not on the right side Hello of an argument, simply shut out the opposing views.