The sign is down! More deets below:

It turns out that I’m not the only person who has strong feelings about people sinking nails into trees to make private claims to public property. Urban homesteading for cars, if you will. Here are a few examples:

While I don’t think there are many legitimate reasons for sinking nails into trees to claim parking places one does not own, I did receive some more information about this particular situation in emails.

The person living in this home is not a right-wing nut job dude who chose to live in an urban area the like example Rat described in the comments on the previous post. It turns out that the property is owned by an elderly woman who’s been getting some help from her family.

I was scolded for not researching why someone chose to hammer nails into a boulevard tree to claim a public parking place. Knowing what I know now, I did some research to figure out what the age threshold is for nailing signs to boulevard trees in Minneapolis. There doesn’t appear to be one.

Assuming this is an accessibility issue (perhaps elderly people come and go at the same hours of the day when the Blue Door Pub is busy enough to have cars parked nearly a block away?), the city has ways of addressing this kind of situation that don’t involve nailing “Private Parking” signs into trees. Two different types of restricted parking can be requested depending on needs. I’m all for people aging in place. In fact, I do it every day.

Here’s one other hammer and nail-free solution: The neighbor to the north has a driveway that runs along its south property line. I don’t know how neighborly the neighbors are on that block, but I think 99% of neighbors would be cool with their driveway being used for pickups and dropoffs of elderly neighbors.