The #MNGOP’s Vikings Stadium Financing Disaster Continues #wilfare

A MN GOP group called something like the MN Corporate Welfare Coalition* is going after Governor Dayton on the day of the groundbreaking on the new Vikings stadium with a blog post titled: “Mark Dayton Fumbles on the Vikings Stadium Deal“.

Fumbles. Get it?

It’s almost as if the MN Jobs Coalition has forgotten who controlled the MN House & Senate in 2012. Does the MN Jobs Coalition know the party affiliations of Rep Lanning and Sen Rosen?

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The MN GOP authored Vikings stadium bill in the MN House and the MN GOP authored Vikings stadium bill in the MN Senate were indeed disasters.

Can you believe that MN GOP Rep. John Kriesel’s gambling exploitation through e-pulltabs bill was used as the funding source? I testified at the Commerce Committee hearing about the pending e-pulltabs disaster, but the MN GOP majority committee passed along the highly questionable MN GOP authored financing scheme.

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Why the heck did MN GOP Vikings stadium bill authors, Rep Manning (GOP) and Sen Rosen (GOP) agree to such ridiculousness?

Here’s an interesting Twitter exchange on this topic. Former Rep. John Kriesel appears to disagree with the MN Corporate Welfare Coalition about the role the Vikings stadium bill plays in Dayton’s current approval ratings:

Dayton's sinking approval ratings are due to his tax increases, MNSure/Obamacare debacle and other broken promises, not the Vikings Stadium.

Sen. Nienow broke this down for Kriesel:

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As Nienow explained to Kriesel, it never was about whether folks wanted a new stadium. It was about who should pay for it, and how, and – should the public would put money in – is the funding source reliable?

This, not surprisingly, gave Kriesel crappy pants:

Screenshot 2013-12-03 09.46.53

Again, it’s not a joke to commit the state to paying tens of millions in corporate welfare in order to subsidize your own entertainment. Especially when something as sketchy as e-pulltabs is used to do it:

phony funding nor #FuFuDust=funny RT @johnkriesel @SNienow your FuFu dust joke hasn't ever been funny. Continuing to use it wont change that

The shine has come off the corporate Wilfare through gambling exploitation scheme that Rep Kriesel sold to the state:

.@johnkriesel Why so defensive over this stadium boondoggle you helped create, John? @SNienow

Notice that this is a case of MN GOP folks attacking the MN GOP author of a MN GOP financing scheme for a MN GOP authored corporate welfare bill.

I can see why they’d rather blame Dayton for the financing mess, but Dayton didn’t write the bills, hold the committee hearings, or have a vote in the MN GOP controlled house or senate.

I think Rep Kriesel’s closing arguments on why he supported subsidizing the NFL with e-pulltabs explains why this was a MN GOP disaster. The first thing he does is choose to ignore the financing and instead focuses on how important it is to him to publicly subsidize his private entertainment:

Note that this video is hosted on the MN GOP’s official YouTube channel. As in, they’re proudly touting the financial disaster they created.

* I think their mission is to create minimum wage jobs with no healthcare on behalf of publicly subsidized corporations who support MN GOP candidates.

2 thoughts on “The #MNGOP’s Vikings Stadium Financing Disaster Continues #wilfare”

  1. Stadium politics cut across party lines and because of that fall on individuals. They aren’t “GOP problems” or “DFL problems” because support and opposition come from both caucuses and both parties; there’s no way to pin down a “GOP position” or a “DFL position”. (I believe the period should come after the quote mark there. Sue me.)

    A lot of Republicans had their hands in it (Rosen, Lanning at the top) and so did Democrats (Morrow, Thissen among them) plus the Democrats who made deals for their votes that secured its passage (only rumored and never confirmed, obviously *cough cough* St. Paul *cough cough* tax bill.)

    But the strongest ties belong to Dayton, which is why the blame falls most on his shoulders. This was the first issue he was able to go into the Legislature and win votes for; he made it the policy and political centerpiece of his second year in office. When people questioned his financing plan, he lashed out and had his administration insist he was correct. (Oops.) He led the cheers publicly at the start and the finish with rallies at the Mall of America and the Capitol for the bill signing; he brought Vikings stars to the Capitol. He went all in to get it and he got it. When he’s running for re-election next year, you can bet he will mention the thousands of jobs he created by signing it. It’s his baby all the way, not the DFL’s and not the GOP’s.

  2. @Kevin, I mostly find it interesting how quickly the MN GOP has forgotten that they held the majority in both the house and senate. I realize that they may not have been used to that position, but it’s hard to argue that they got bulldozed by something they could have kept from ever seeing a vote. While Dayton was out front at the rallies, he was flanked by the GOP’s corporate welfare advocates.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that DFL votes were earned through promises for even more wasteful pro sports construction projects for St Paul (Saints, Wild) to provide some balance to the waste with Minneapolis’ Vikings and Timberwolves handouts. But, again, that earned DFL votes rather, not GOP.

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