It’s Kind of Scary Looking at Who Supports Cam Winton for Mayor #mplsmayor

I think endorsements matter. So, let’s look at who’s endorsing Cam Winton for Minneapolis mayor on Twitter:

Isaac’s twitter bio: Republican serving to turn Minnesota Red | Campaign Coordinator for @StewartMillsMN | Former @PeteHegseth for Sen & @MNSRC intern | Christian, #UNW grad | #PHR

Rachel’s twitter bio: American. Republican. UMN Gopher. Co-Chair of the @MNCRs. Snowboarder. Italia Enthusiast. Lover of Anything Red, White & Blue.

Casey’s twitter bio: U of MN alum, economics enthusiast, Packer fan, conservative. #tcot #wiright #mngop #NRA

Andy’s twitter bio: Conservative, #MNleg Comms guy, U of M grad, former PR pro and campaign staffer with a passion for politics, communications and branding. Tweets are my own.

Andrew’s twitter bio: @mnhousegop Comms Team | Formerly: @MNHRCC, @PeteHegseth for Sen, @TimPawlenty for Pres. #UMN, Stillwater Alum. Local beer fan. Friends. Food. Travel. Coffee.

Luke’s twitter bio: Press Secretary for @MNSRC. luke.hellier [at] Husband to Josi. Dad to Betty.

Amy’s twitter bio: Mom, Small Business Owner, Former Legislator, Fanilow.

Winton is getting a lot of Twitter love from members of the MN GOP political machine who don’t live in Minneapolis. As the most conservative of contender mayoral candidates it makes sense that he’d be their preferred candidate for Minneapolis mayor. But, these are the same people who trashed RT Rybak when he was running for governor, and wrote desperately partisan trash on Minnesota Democrats Exposed that was so embarrassing that Michael Brodkorb deleted the entire blog after recovering from his time as a GOP hack.

I’ve mentioned previously in the comments here that one of my biggest concerns with Cam Winton is that he’d go Scott Walker on us. There certainly are issues where I share the perspective of politicians further right than Cam like the Vikings stadium disaster (candidates on the far left like John Marty also opposed that waste of public tax dollars).

My concern with Cam is that he, like the people who’re endorsing him on Twitter from red congressional districts, may use the “we can’t afford this” argument to justify cutting things that Minneapolis residents happen to like and can afford. It’s really a matter of how much we’re wiling to pay and for what. We are a high cost, high service kind of place. While we’d all like to pay lower taxes, a perfect mayoral candidate is one who balances costs and benefits for the benefit of the city of Minneapolis, and I’m not convinced that someone endorsed by Minnesota Democrats Exposed writers Andy Post and Luke Hellier would do that.

So, if you’re too fiscally conservative to stick Mark Andrew in your top three (if you think the city is better off if we’re not subsidizing billionaires and Fortune 500 corporations), who should you consider? Give Stephanie Woodruff a look. Here’s an interview from The Uptake with Stephanie that’s worth watching before heading to the polls.

Stephanie Woodruff – Minneapolis Mayoral Candidate by theuptake

Stephanie represents the fiscally conservative wing of the DFL. That’s not a place that wins a lot of endorsements from construction unions or corporate welfare benefitting people of power in the city, but it’s a good place to be. I think you’ll find that the above video illustrates this.

4 thoughts on “It’s Kind of Scary Looking at Who Supports Cam Winton for Mayor #mplsmayor”

  1. I think this is a pretty silly argument to make. I assume you’ve done your homework and learned none of them live in Minneapolis, but even if they do is this really a good way to measure candidates? As a formerly high-ranking official* in the MN GOP political machine, I can scan my Twitter feed at any given moment and find binders full of liberals supporting other candidates that “scare” me.

    Whether they live here or not, I would chalk up their apparent excitement about Winton to seeing a fairly credible, fairly Republican candidate get traction in a city dominated by the DFL. We all know he’s going to lose, let them enjoy this before the city’s phenomenally liberal population destroy their hopes.

    *or so I tell myself

  2. @Kevin, I’m cool with letting random GOP folks have their irrationally exuberant fun. But, to me, it’s also fun to point out that people like Luke Hellier, Andy Post, and Amy Koch think Cam Winton is an appropriate candidate for Minneapolis mayor.

    By the way, here are the searches I ran on Twitter to find those tweets: choice “cam winton” and “vote for” “cam winton”. It wasn’t cherry picking as much as grabbing the few tweets that showed up for those queries.

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