Should Local Businesses Subsidize Shifting Sales from Local Businesses to the NFL? #wilfare

Judd Zulgad from 1500ESPN tweeted a few observations during his trip to Lambeau Field, including the one below regarding revenue captured on-site at Lambeau Field compared to the Metrodome:

Honestly, there is nothing the Vikings can do in their stadium to capture these revenue streams. Packed restaurant, packed pro shop ...

That’s certainly true. Lambeau does offer fans more to look at, including Lombardi Trophies (couldn’t resist).

But, who’s problem is that? Based on how Minneapolis chose to fund a huge chunk of the Vikings stadium corporate welfare package, locally owned restaurants, bars, and concert venues are responsible for helping the NFL capture more revenue from people who visit downtown Minneapolis 10 times per year.

How so? Downtown businesses selling food and alcohol are forced to charge their customers higher sales taxes than the rest of the city (on top of the higher sales taxes charged in Minneapolis than the rest of the state) 365 days per year in order to help build a stadium that will capture more fan dollars within the stadium.

Are the publicly financed parking ramps connected to the publicly financed stadium with publicly financed skyways going to increase or decrease the amount of time Vikings fans spend downtown before and after games?

It’s odd to see businesses forced to fund their own competition but that’s what the city agreed to.

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