Public MUST Visit Wilf Family of Fraudster’s Souvenir Shop on Vikings Stadium Tours #wilfare

Imagine running a private business in a public building where you get to keep the profits and somehow avoid paying any property taxes. That’s just one of the lame things about the Vikings stadium deal the City of Minneapolis and State of Minnesota entered into.

But, it’s not enough for the Vikings to extract money from the public through property taxes, sales taxes, cigarette taxes, businesses taxes, entertainment taxes, and tax exemptions. No, they also managed to negotiate into their contract with the MSFA that all tours of the publicly subsidized stadium must end in the Vikings’ retail store:

The authority will operate and keep profits from year-round stadium tour tickets. “Special access tours” will include peeks inside the locker rooms and training areas. If the Vikings suspend access to those areas, the authority has recourse, too: It no longer has to end the tours in the team store.

Public tours of “The People’s Stadium” (Mark Dayton’s twisted description of a heavily taxpayer subsidized stadium built to the specs of a single business for use approximately 300 times before we tear it down), ends in the Wilf Family of Fraudster’s souvenir shop.

Let’s be clear: these tours will be run by “the authority” (taxpayers), charge The People to access The People Stadium, and must conclude in a private retail store owned by the Wilf Family of Fraudsters.

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