Gary Schiff has a proposal for regulations on bike facilities that sounds pretty interesting. In a nutshell, once a building reaches a certain size, accommodating cyclists should be obvious (but isn’t, thus the proposal):

Schiff will introduce the issue at tomorrow’s City Council meeting, but said most of the details still need to be worked out. The idea, he said, came from the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee.

The ordinance for downtown development only kicks in when a building tops 500,000 square feet. As developments get bigger, they need more bike parking stalls, lockers and showers. The minimum is 30 stalls, four showers and 15 lockers.

500k square feet is a pretty big chunk of real estate. As this LA Times article points out, typical office space runs around 200 square feet per person. Even if it’s 500, that’s would mean that a building would need to accomodate 1,000 people before Schiff’s proposal would kick in.

Does is seem reasonable to assume that 3% of employees in a building housing 1,000 or more people in Minneapolis would commute by bike and appreciate having access to bike parking, lockers, and showers? It sure does? Would those businesses benefit from building a locker room instead of 30 additional parking spots? It sure seems like it. This doesn’t seem like something that will meet much resistance, but I could be wrong.