Is e-Pulltabs Vendor, Express Games, Getting Any Traction?

Based on recent reports about e-pulltabs revenue, it sounds like the revenue is falling short of projections for two reasons:

1. Fewer bars than expected have adopted the devices by now than expected.

2. Bars are bringing in less revenue per device than projected.

So far, only one company has been approved to supply e-pulltab devices to bars: Express Games. The first games went live on September 18th as Express Games noted on Twitter at the time:

Tweets from Express Games has slowed down significantly since then, with their most recent tweet back on October 21st.

Their most recently update on Facebook was November 7th, when they announced an e-pulltabs installation at Beck’s Pub.

Express Games Minnesota on Facebook

No news is good news?

Too busy to tweet?

One theory I have with no evidence to back up: could the uptake of e-pulltabs by bars be delayed due to a lack of internet connections? I doubt that bars with internet connections and bars with pulltabs make a perfectly overlapping Venn diagram. If they don’t have an internet connection, is one available? Perhaps fundraising corporate wilfare for the Vikings through e-pulltabs will lead to broadband expansion in Minnesota? That’s crazy enough to seem possible.

3 thoughts on “Is e-Pulltabs Vendor, Express Games, Getting Any Traction?”

  1. It doesn’t matter if the bar has an internet connection or not. A new, secure, dedicated line needs to be brought in for the devices.

    Just thought you should know that.

  2. Interesting question. Maybe in rural areas it would be tougher than in the metro? I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere or remember it ever being brought up as an issue.

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