Roger Goodell’s Praise for Vikings Corporate #Wilfare

Charley Walters reported on Roger Goodell’s October 8th meeting with Minneapolis business leaders who could have put up the money for a new Vikings stadium but stuck the state’s gambling addicts and Minneapolis shoppers with the bill instead.

A day after Roger Goodell attended the Minnesota Vikings’ 30-7 victory over Tennessee at the Metrodome, the NFL commissioner attended a breakfast meeting Monday, Oct. 8, with 70 of the Twin Cities’ top business leaders at the Minneapolis Club.

Pat yourselves on the backs, “Twin Cities’ top business leaders”. You’ve managed to extract money out of dive bars in Duluth through electronic pulltabs to subsidize the most profitable sports business in the country.

During a 90-minute gathering, Goodell told the executives how important the Minnesota market is to the NFL and expressed his appreciation for their assistance in getting approval for a new stadium scheduled to open for the 2016 season.

The Minnesota market is so important to the NFL? You wouldn’t have known that last October when the NFL sent Eric Grubman to St Paul to threaten to pull out of the Minnesota market if we didn’t tax the poor to subsidize Roger Goodell.

Will Minneapolis be rewarded with a Superbowl for the work we’ve done to redistribute our city and state’s wealth to New Jersey? Time will tell:

The commissioner also acknowledged that the Vikings have submitted an application to host the 2018 Super Bowl.

The Vikings stadium architect, Dallas-based HKS, designed the last two Super Bowl sites, Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis and Cowboys Stadium in Texas.

Goodell made no promises that Minnesota would be awarded its second Super Bowl (1992 was the first).

The NFL is not obligated to bring a Superbowl to Minneapolis. Why? Because Ted Mondale didn’t negotiate for one. As I’ve mentioned here before, Indianapolis has the foresight to put hosting a Superbowl in writing as part of their new stadium deal.

My guess is that Minneapolis will end up hosting a Superbowl. But, since the NFL isn’t obligated to host one here, we’ll end up making some ridiculous concessions in order to host it.

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