Run Minneapolis: Bridge Number 9

Bridge Number 9

I ran my most inefficient Run Minneapolis run of all time on Thursday evening. Over seven miles, the only new territory I covered was crossing Bridge Number 9 over the Mississippi River. The picture above is facing downstream and east toward the University of Minnesota’s East Bank and Washington Avenue Bridge.

Bridge Number 9 is surely the least known bridge over the Mississippi River Gorge due to relatively hidden approaches from both sides. It’s a 98 year old railroad bridge that’s been living a second life as an underutilized pedestrian bridge since 1999.

The views from the bridge are great, and it’s a perfect way to get between the West Bank and Dinkytown.

Bridge Number Nine Loop

4 thoughts on “Run Minneapolis: Bridge Number 9”

  1. @MeganG, from the U of MN side, there is a steep downhill access road that starts near Elliot Hall. From the west side of the river, you can get to the bridge from a bike path that starts upstream from the 35W bridge crossing. Or, from near the Holiday Inn Metrodome, you can head east on 2nd St E to 20th Ave S to find it.

  2. The Bike path that Ed is talking about is visible just between the 35W and 10th Ave Bridges from his link.

    Part of the reason this bridge isn’t used much has to be the fact that the entrances on both sides are tucked away and don’t have many indications that it’s a way across the river for people on foot or bikes.

    I haven’t had a reason to run across it yet (all of my runs needed a distance that took me farther south to the Franklin bridge) but I might make a destination out of it this weekend.

  3. @Michael, there are plans to improve access to Bridge #9 by connecting it to downtown with a bike path tunnel through the 35W bridge. The tunnel exists (it was included in the redesign) but the path hasn’t been built yet.

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