A Newborn’s Stomach Capacity vs. Metabolism Rate

Way back on the fourth when my daughter was born, she was good for around 3 hour feeding cycles. As in, if she ate at 9pm, she was good until Midnight, then 3am, etc. But, over time that cycle has been tightening up. In fact, it’s been tightening even as she’s increased how much she can eat.

My take on this is that her metabolism is increasing faster than her stomach’s capacity. Here’s my approximation of those two variables based on how much we can get her to eat:

That widening gap is leading to shorter feeding cycles. Here’s a look at how this has been sneaking up on us:

Newborn's Time Until Hungry

If this trend continues we’re pretty much screwed.

5 thoughts on “A Newborn’s Stomach Capacity vs. Metabolism Rate”

  1. Agree with Reuben! We did the Babywise method and only fed her between 2.5 and 3.5 hours no matter what. She slept through the night at 7 weeks 🙂
    It will be fun to watch your gift for analysis as the little one gets older!

  2. First, don’t judge your baby based on Nick’s. Some babies sleep during the day, some at night. Some nap well, others don’t. I can tell you that we fed our boys on the same schedule as Nick’s and we didn’t have the same experience. They are good sleepers, but 7 weeks is a rarity based on my informal polling. (it also leads to second babies–who aren’t gonna do the same as the first…)

    Don’t remember to adjust the date 4 weeks as well… you are still T-1 week compared to a full term baby…

  3. @Kirk, Nick has a kid, a blog, lives in South Minneapolis, runs, and shops at the farmers market. With that many similarities our kids will play by the same rules, right?

  4. Just hook up once of those hamster water bottle type things to her crib and you should be good.


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