@GovMarkDayton, The Bullies Want Our Lunch Money for a Vikings Stadium #wilfare

Vikings Stadium Bullying
Thanks to Deets reader, Bryan, for this graphic.

When Vikings stadium wilfare queens demand other people’s money to subsidize their game day experience to the tune of $77/ticket, and people in the reality based community say “no”, things can get ugly. For example:

Vikings Stadium Bullying


You Suck

Governor Dayton claims to be working on this in the schools:

DFL Gov. Mark Dayton has asked the group to study the bullying problem in Minnesota schools. The task force is expected to take testimony from parents, teachers, bullying experts and students who have been targeted by bullies. Dayton even wants the task force to better define what bullying, harassment and intimidation mean.

While bullying is a problem in Minnesota’s schools, the problem doesn’t stop when people graduate or drop out.

The Vikings are popular with a group of Minnesotans, but not popular enough for them to spend their own money subsidizing a bully from New Jersey who’s threatening to pack up and leave if we don’t commit to meeting his $1.6 billion in corporate welfare demands over the next 30 years. The bullying Vikings fans seem to believe that the best thing the public’s money could be spent on is subsidizing the $77 per ticket they are unwilling to pay for Vikings games. And, if you don’t like that, leave the state.

Is Minnesota “A Better Minnesota” if it caves in to demands from bullies for $1.6 billion in corporate welfare lunch money over 30 years?

It’s time to stand up to the bullies.

They’re adults who are capable of spending their own money on things they claim to value.

Extracting lunch money from the public to subsidize Vikings stadium bullies’ entertainment is bad public policy.

4 thoughts on “@GovMarkDayton, The Bullies Want Our Lunch Money for a Vikings Stadium #wilfare”

  1. It almost makes you want to expect to have those folks pay for your concert tickets. It would be nice. An incentive to go to more concerts, were they to pay for your hobbies and enjoyment. Then, your green fees … your hunting permit …

  2. I believe the stadium should be at the Arden Hills site and there is a state run Casino there so all of our seniors in this state can have a smoke free facility to go too.

    Thank You!

  3. @Don, I’m cool with the stadium being wherever Zygi wants to build it with his own money and what he can raise from fans, borrow from banks, earn from business partnerships, etc. It’s not the public’s job to build buildings for private businesses.

    I don’t believe the state should be in the business of extracting money from seniors through gambling. If you’d like a smoke-free casino, how about talking to the tribes about accommodating your interest in losing money while protecting your lungs?

  4. Boy, those pro-stadium folks are an erudite bunch aren’t they? This all really resonates with me because the bullying is exactly what we’ve lived through (and are living through) in Santa Clara.

    WE experienced Union interceptors trying to block citizen’s collection of signatures to force a referendum on our DDA. The city council filing lawsuits against ordinary citizens opposed to the stadium. Internet smear campaigns. Completely unbalance local news reportage (because the media is afraid of losing access to the team and ad revenues), and etc.

    The script seems to vary only slightly from city to city. It’s like you’re a communist (or worse) if you don’t want to subsidize the NFL.

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