When a Gift of Minneapolis Property Taxpayer Money is Not a Gift: Vikings Stadium #Wilfare

I’ve mentioned before that taking acres of taxable downtown Minneapolis land and maxing it tax exempt so Zygi Wilf doesn’t have to pay property taxes is one of glaring problems with the current Vikings stadium bill.

But, it turns out that I was wrong.

This isn’t actually a gift of more than $400,000+ per year of taxpayer money to Zygi Wilf. Why? Because Rep. Morrie Lanning says so. It’s right in the bill:

Any tax exemption established under this article shall not be deemed an expenditure or other use of city resources within the meaning of any charter limitation.

See? Rep. Lanning is imposing a tax increase on Minneapolis property tax owners with one sentence buried at line 40.11 of the House’s Vikings stadium corporate wilfare bill.

I would hope that members of the MN House that respect taxpayers’ rights would see the problem here.

One thought on “When a Gift of Minneapolis Property Taxpayer Money is Not a Gift: Vikings Stadium #Wilfare”

  1. This is an NFL sponsored, Goldmand Sachs induced BUBBLE that has to be stopped.

    Now Atlanta–

    And Jeff sums up the problem perfectly–
    “The building isn’t crumbling. Our priorities are.”

    Here is another quote that comes to mind–
    “There are times, sir, when men of good conscience cannot blindly follow orders.”

    The NFL/Goldman Sachs model must stop now, before all these public subsidies are put in place…it is morally wrong and socially irresponsible to allow these boondoggles.

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