Great Turnout for Blue Door Pub Longfellow Beer & Wine Hearing

Blue Door Pub Longfellow Location Beer & Wine Hearing
Blue Door Pub Longfellow Location Beer & Wine Hearing

As surely everyone in Longfellow has heard by now, the Blue Door Pub is working on opening a new location at the corner of 42nd Ave S at 35th St. The plan is for a 75 seat restaurant similar to the one they operate today on Selby near Fairview in St. Paul.

There was a hearing tonight regarding the BDP’s application for a beer & wine license.

Based on what I’ve learned, it sounds like there are quite a few restrictions the Blue Door Pub needs to work within in order to get approval at that location. Among them:

– No bar
– No serving alcohol without a food order (the Anchor Fish & Chips plays by similar rules on 13th Ave NE)
– The majority of the business’ revenue must come from food rather than alcohol.
– No exterior alcohol signs (this is due to the close proximity of a school)

There may be others. Those are what I remember.

The largest concerns came from nearby neighbors who expressed concerns with increased noise, traffic, and smells. They have requests for shorter hours, limits on delivery hours, restricting smoking to the south side of the building, and no queuing outside the restaurant. A good summary of these issues can be found on the TC Daily Planet. For a more unabridged version, check out E-Democracy’s thread on this.

Quite a few people showed up to express their pleasure that the eyesore of a building will be transformed into a vibrant local business. One nearby neighbor even mentioned moving into the neighborhood because the BDP was coming. Some St. Paul residents near the current BDP shared their experiences with having the BDP as a neighbor and had nothing but good things to say.

I get the impression that the BDP will have no problem getting their license approved. It sounds like that may take around a month from today to get done, but that puts them one hurdle closer to opening their new restaurant. There may be some compromises on hours of operation and happy hour hours, but it sounds like our local city council member, Sandy Colvin Roy, is willing to accomodate the business’ interest in serving people leaving the Riverview Theater’s 7pm and possibly 9pm showings on weekends, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see weekend hours of 12:30 or 12am.

Personally, I welcome the Blue Door Pub to the neighborhood. I think they’ll do well here. And, I think neighbors will be good neighbors to the neighbors who are neighbors of the BDP. Another big win for Longfellow.

2 thoughts on “Great Turnout for Blue Door Pub Longfellow Beer & Wine Hearing”

  1. Hey! I’m good with this for sure, just make sure that the Northern Stars and other neighborhood musicians are playing on a bi-monthy weekend night 😉

  2. @Steve, if you’re playing at the new BDP, it will most likely be inside since it doesn’t sound like they’ll have outdoor seating. Inside, they’re planning seating for 75, so things may be pretty tight.

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