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Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe: Legislators are Assholes for Not Giving Wilf More than 1/2 a Billion Dollars

The Vikings punter, Chris Kluwe, has stepped into the Vikings stadium Wilfare debate by calling MN legislators “assholes” for not meeting Zygi Wilf’s demand for more than half a billion taxpayer dollars:

You know, say what you want about how a stadium should be funded, but Zygi's held up his end of the deal in supporting the team and trying

to put a quality product on the field. Stop being assholes and jerking him around, Legislature. #thisiswhyihatepolitics

Perhaps Kluwe should try thinking of politics in terms of what’s justifiable. If it was justifiable to redistribute more than half a billion dollars from Minnesotans to Zygi Wilf, it would have been done by now. But, the Vikings have failed to make a case on why it’s in the best interest of Minnesotans to do so. Since the legislators Kluwe called assholes were voted into office by Minnesotans rather than Zygi Wilf, it’s in their best interest to put their constituents’ interest first. You know, the ones who overwhelmingly do not favor having public revenue redistributed to an NFL franchise.

While the average Minnesotan has fewer lobbyists at the state capitol than Zygi, sometimes legislators still manage to do the right thing by putting their constituent’s interests first.

Kluwe’s 2011 salary with the Vikings was $1,422,857, which is 48X Minnesota’s per capita income. While punting in a new stadium at taxpayer’s expense may interest Kluwe, it turns out that the average Minnesotan would prefer to watch him punt in the current or a refurbished Metrodome.

Wilf refuses to pay for even half the cost of a new stadium and Vikings fans refuse to cover the difference between what Wilf wants to spend and what Wilf is willing to pay. It’s not the public’s responsibility to make up for Wilf’s greed and Vikings fans’ lack of financial support for the team.

UPDATE: Kluwe responded:

@edkohler From reading your timeline, you appear to be an angry, bitter little troll of a man. I am genuinely sorry for you. #itllallbeok

A millionaire begging for money from thousandaires on behalf of a billionaire feels sorry for me. Touching.

7 thoughts on “Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe: Legislators are Assholes for Not Giving Wilf More than 1/2 a Billion Dollars”

  1. I was wondering if any player would eventually wade into the debate with public comments, is this the first instance?

    I assumed their opinion would be predictable. It would be hilarious if a player came out publicly against the subsidizing the new stadium, it would probably take a player would was from the area.

  2. @ben, Jared Allen, who makes 390X more than the average Minnesotan per year, also believes that money should be redistributed from the average Minnesotan to Zygi Wilf. The Vikings have promoted this absurdity on their website.

  3. Nice Ed.. you’re making waves. But I have to take issue with Chris.. when is Ziggi supposed to have tried to put a quality team on the field? Certainly isnt’ the current one.

  4. Ed your the same guy who bitches about financing a new stadium but will bitch ten times more when the state loses the revenue that the team generates. SKOL VIKES

  5. @Nick, your assumption is incorrect. If Wilf insists on building a $1.1 billion stadium with a $420 million contribution, and fans refuse to help close the gap between what Wilf is willing to pay and what Wilf wants, the stalemate will continue or Wilf will leave. Either way, the public will have made a rational decision.

    What’s most surprising to me is how little interest Vikings fans have shown in financially supporting Zygi Wilf. Why do you think fans are unwilling to financially support the team they claim to care about?

  6. Chris Kluwe has used Twitter as a vehicle to insert his foot into his mouth before. Perhaps he is at it again. Hopefully it is not his punting foot.

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