Aberdeen, Mississippi Homes

Aberdeen, MS Home

Back on December 31st, Carly and I passed through Aberdeen, Mississippi for lunch. The only place open on the main drag was a scratch and dent grocery store that had a small deli where we ate some scratch and dented food.

Then we drove around town to check out the historic homes. There is quite the contrast. For example, the home pictured above looks out across the street at these neighboring homes:

Aberdeen, MS Homes

According to Zillow, current homes for sale vary between $18,500 and $63,600 in this neighborhood. One thing that differed from small towns of similar size that I’ve been through in the Midwest is that there didn’t appear to be many unoccupied homes. While the per-capita income is $23,530 (26.3% of families live below poverty line), it looks like the real estate market is somewhat in line with what people can afford.

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